Gerroa Family Session

When I was a paparazzi photographer I spent most of my time working alone, so it has been such a nice change to meet so many new people. Over the Easter long weekend I met the Weiss family who were visiting the South Coast from Sydney. The photos were taken at Seven Mile Beach in Gerroa.

Gredie Weiss-1.jpg
Gredie Weiss-12.jpg
Gredie Weiss-26.jpg
Gredie Weiss-38.jpg
Gredie Weiss-29.jpg
Gredie Weiss-53.jpg
Gredie Weiss-58.jpg
Gredie Weiss-43.jpg
Gredie Weiss-76.jpg
Gredie Weiss-86.jpg
Gredie Weiss-97.jpg
Gredie Weiss-121.jpg
Gredie Weiss-122.jpg
Gredie Weiss-130.jpg