Bradley and Jemma's Engagement Session

I met Bradley and Jemma in Cambewarra, NSW for a beautiful golden morning engagement session earlier this week. I had so much fun capturing these two as they laughed and cuddled in an open field; and now I can’t wait to capture their wedding at The Yallah Woolshed next year!

Brad and Jemma Engagement-58.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-27.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-2.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-8.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-4.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-22.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-34.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-36.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-67.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-72.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-76.jpg
Brad and Jemma Engagement-108.jpg

The Lidbetter Family

I had so much fun capturing this lovely family last week in Berry, NSW. We picked Apex Park as it’s nice and shady, very pretty and wheel chair accessible. You may recognise some of the faces from this session as they are repeat clients of mine, I recently photographed Nathan and Rachel’s Austinmer wedding. It was great to catch up and hear how they are settling into married life. Here are some of my favourites from our morning together.

Debbie Lidbetter-8.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-1.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-45.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-18.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-19.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-21.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-56.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-32.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-35.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-52.jpg
Debbie Lidbetter-39.jpg

Romance Was Born in The Woods

The Woods Farm played host to our editorial shoot Romance Was Born over the weekend with Corey and Claudia. This 40 acre Jervis Bay property offers couples a rustic chapel with regal chandeliers and floor to ceiling mirrors surrounded by native bushland. Our beautiful bride Claudia is wearing a long sleeve L’eto gown from Your Art Bridal, a contemporary piece that made her feel confident and comfortable while exploring The Woods. Jessica Lea Floral Design was the creative behind the flowers used in the shoot. The first bouquet photographed was a modern mix of white roses and orchids, while the second was a nod to the surrounding landscape a bold mix of natives. Brigette Alana created a soft, naturally beautiful and timeless bridal look to go with the theme of the shoot. Local hair stylist Brittney Saunders created two different looks; the first was soft waves and the second a low up style both featuring luxury pieces exclusive to And You Bridal. I was lucky enough to shoot alongside local videographer Thomas James Media who is passionate about preserving love stories. Here are some of the highlights from another perfect afternoon behind the lens.

Venue: The Woods Farm
Gown: L’eto Bridal from Your Art Bridal
Flowers: Jessica Lea Floral Design
Videographer: Thomas James Media
Hair Stylist: Hair by Brittney Saunders
Makeup Artist:
Brigette Alana Makeup Artistry
Hair Piece: And You Bridal

The Woods Your Art Bridal-22.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-3.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-5.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-6.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-21.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-18.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-10.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-26.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-50.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-45.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-58.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-55.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-39.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-36.jpg
The Woods Your Art Bridal-35.jpg

Andrew and Nina's Jervis Bay Engagement Session

Ahead of Andrew and Nina’s big day I met up with the lovely couple to photograph some engagement photos at Greenfield’s Beach in Jervis Bay. It was a great afternoon to show Andrew and Nina what they can expect with their bridal portraits and the perfect opportunity to alleviate any fears they had about having professional photos taken. It didn’t take long for them to relax and for me to capture some authentic moments for the couple to cherish forever.

I am so excited to be capturing their wedding next month after seeing how great their engagement session went. Here are a few of my favourites.

Andrew and Nina-2.jpg
Andrew and Nina-1.jpg
Andrew and Nina-7.jpg
Andrew and Nina-3.jpg
Andrew and Nina-12.jpg
Andrew and Nina-17.jpg
Andrew and Nina-19.jpg
Andrew and Nina-25.jpg
Andrew and Nina-36.jpg
Andrew and Nina-39.jpg
Andrew and Nina-45.jpg
Andrew and Nina-48.jpg
Andrew and Nina-54.jpg
Andrew and Nina-57.jpg

Billy's First Birthday Fiesta

On Saturday I caught up with James and Tash as they celebrated their son Billy’s first birthday. He is such an adorable little guy, so smiley and happy to be surrounded by his loving family and friends. Parents, Tash and James themed the party as a birthday fiesta which meant lots of bright colours and fun decorations. Thank you guys for allowing me to capture such a fun party for your son and a big Happy Birthday Billy.

William's 1st Birthday-1.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-12.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-11.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-21.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-40.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-64.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-33.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-53.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-79.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-88.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-96.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-143.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-105.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-117.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-115.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-139.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-107.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-111.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-118.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-128.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-131.jpg
William's 1st Birthday-135.jpg

James and Emma at Terara Riverside Gardens

If this romantic styled shoot at Terara Riverside Gardens doesn’t make you want to have a garden wedding by the water we don’t know what will! This styled shoot was specifically designed to show couples that by booking a property suitable for portraits you won’t have to leave your guests for long to achieve some beautiful photographs, especially if you want to duck away at sunset.

We are always so grateful to be given the opportunity to get behind the lens for a fun photoshoot with other creatives in our South Coast wedding community.

Venue: Terara Riverside Gardens
Gown: Leto Bridal from Your Art Bridal
Hair Stylist: Absolute Hair by Tia
Makeup Artist: Emma’s Makeup Artistry
Flowers: Scrumptious Grazing Events
Videographer: Thomas James Media
Couple: James and Emma

Sunday at Terara-41.jpg
Sunday at Terara-48.jpg
Sunday at Terara-57.jpg
Sunday at Terara-18.jpg
Sunday at Terara-21.jpg
Sunday at Terara-20.jpg
Sunday at Terara-35.jpg
Sunday at Terara-31.jpg
Sunday at Terara-22.jpg
Sunday at Terara-72.jpg
Sunday at Terara-73.jpg
Sunday at Terara-9.jpg
Sunday at Terara-11.jpg
Sunday at Terara-60.jpg
Sunday at Terara-69.jpg
Sunday at Terara-76.jpg
Sunday at Terara-77.jpg
Sunday at Terara-78.jpg
Sunday at Terara-84.jpg
Sunday at Terara-85.jpg
Sunday at Terara-89.jpg

Josh and Mikayla's Jervis Bay Engagement Session

Getting to blend my passion for the beach and capturing couples in love is such a great combination, and that’s exactly how I spent my Saturday. Sydney-siders, Josh and Mikayla were eager to have their engagement photos taken while visiting Jervis Bay for a few days and I was more than happy to accomodate the session. This couple braved the freezing cold and climbed the rocks in the horrible wind just so we could get some incredible coastal shots. After spending my afternoon with Josh and Mikayla and seeing just how easy going they are I cannot wait to be a part of their wedding later in the year.

Congratulations on your engagement and see you both at the wedding!

Josh and Mikayla-1.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-2.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-47.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-44.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-49.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-30.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-7.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-8.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-12.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-23.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-24.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-32.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-42.jpg
Josh and Mikayla-43.jpg

Monday at Worrowing Estate

Monday’s aren’t so bad when you spend them with other creatives in your industry working on exciting projects. This week I spent mine with stylist Hoorah Events and florist Gypsy Carmen at Worrowing Estate in Jervis Bay. This talented team wanted to showcase some different options for framing your wedding ceremony and for hosting a beautiful outdoor reception. Watching this talented duo from concept to execution is such a privilege to witness, now let’s take a look at some of the sunset magic created!

Monday at Worrowing-56.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-94.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-60.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-129.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-111.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-110.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-112.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-62.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-68.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-72.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-53.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-85.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-88.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-78.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-10.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-28.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-17.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-14.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-23.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-27.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-16.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-45.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-48.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-39.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-50.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-43.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-37.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-121.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-126.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-123.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-125.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-103.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-102.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-106.jpg
Monday at Worrowing-108.jpg

The South Coast Wedding Fair with Piccolo and Poppi

Last weekend I went behind the scenes with Piccolo and Poppi who were showcasing their incredible florals and styling across multiple venues as part of the South Coast Wedding Fair trail. The day began at Terara Riverside Gardens where Ash showed me some of the the most picturesque locations around the property for couples to host their ceremony and how together with Heart and Timber an outdoor space could be transformed into something truly beautiful.

Piccolo and Poppi-109.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-112.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-114.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-115.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-117.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-119.jpg

Also on display at Terara Riverside Gardens was a blank canvas table setting allowing brides to see how the marquee would be set up and tables styled for the booking. From there brides could also look at the various looks created by Piccolo and Poppi in the marquee and meet some of the local suppliers who frequent the venue over the season.

Piccolo and Poppi-67.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-63.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-61.jpg

Below are some of the looks created by the Piccolo and Poppi team.

Natural Elements Table
Table and Chairs: Heart and Timber
Decor and Flowers: Piccolo and Poppi
Menus and Table Number: Bridge and Co
Cookies: Dough Rei Me
Napkins: Terara Riverside Gardens

Piccolo and Poppi-31.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-105.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-90.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-25.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-81.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-89.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-28.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-97.jpg

Romantic Blush Table
Table and Linen: Terara Riverside Gardens
Chairs: Heart and Timber
Styling, Flowers and Decor: Piccolo and Poppi
Glassware and Napkins: Piccolo and Poppi
Place cards: Burfitt Avenue

Piccolo and Poppi-7.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-3.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-5.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-6.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-79.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-70.jpg

Moody Brown Table
Table and Chairs: Heart and Timber
Styling, Flowers and Decor: Piccolo and Poppi
Grazing Boards: Scrumptious Grazing Events
Menus and Place cards: Ivory and Ink
Cookies: Dough Rei Me