The Allgood Family

My Sunday afternoon was spent taking photos of Mitch and Madeline’s family, with the newest edition Jude, joining the shoot. This will be the third opportunity I’ve had to photograph the Allgood family. It’s been great getting to know them over the last couple of years and I’m looking forward to capturing more memories for them in the future.

Allgood Family-17.jpg
Allgood Family-23.jpg
Allgood Family-32.jpg
Allgood Family-33.jpg
Allgood Family-46.jpg
Allgood Family-48.jpg
Allgood Family-63.jpg

The Cove Jervis Bay

The photos below are from one of the recent collaborations we were lucky enough to be a part of. The shoot was held at The Cove in Jervis Bay and featured soft romantic florals and luxurious Bo and Luca gowns from Your Art Bridal. Tia and Alyce worked together to create looks that were unique to each of the girls, they wanted to showcase fresh, luminous makeup looks teamed with modern hairstyles.

Despite the heavy rain, our team was not willing to give up on the shoot. Just like your wedding day, a little bit of rain doesn’t have to spoil your portraits. We were able to find a few spots to shoot, which was just an enough to create some awesome content. Here are some of the highlights.

Venue: The Cove Jervis Bay
Gowns: Your Art Bridal
Flowers: Ivy Lane Collective
Hair Stylist: Absolute Hair by Tia
Makeup: Alyce Apps
Models: Isabella and Jordan

The Cove-36.jpg
The cove insty-2.jpg
The Cove-38.jpg
The Cove-40.jpg
The Cove-47.jpg
The Cove-43.jpg
The Cove Insty-3.jpg
The Cove-6.jpg
The Cove-7.jpg
The Cove-12.jpg
The cove insty-1.jpg
The Cove-10.jpg
The Cove-8.jpg
The Cove-35.jpg
The Cove-24.jpg
The Cove-25.jpg
The Cove-34.jpg
The Cove-29.jpg
The Cove-30.jpg

Four Generations

I recently caught up with Jessica and the important women in her life to photograph the four generations. This was my first opportunity to take part in photographing one of these sessions which I had heard about online. We met up next to Berry Creek which was quite enjoyable for the little girls as they could crawl around and enjoy themselves while we took some photos.

Jessica Walker-4.jpg
Jessica Walker-5.jpg
Jessica Walker-9.jpg
Jessica Walker-14.jpg
Jessica Walker-21.jpg
Jessica Walker-25.jpg
Jessica Walker-26.jpg
Jessica Walker-29.jpg
Jessica Walker-40.jpg
Jessica Walker-37.jpg
Jessica Walker-53.jpg
Jessica Walker-58.jpg
Jessica Walker-60.jpg

Josh and Fiona's Engagement Session

Winter engagement sessions are nice cosy! Josh and Fiona had the perfect afternoon for their engagement session which was lucky as we had to postpone their booking twice due to rain. We met up at Ben’s Walk which which made such a nice backdrop for their intimate portraits. Congratulations to you both on your engagement, such an exciting time!

Josh and Fiona-5.jpg
Josh and Fiona-13.jpg
Josh and Fiona-12.jpg
Josh and Fiona-15.jpg
Josh and Fiona-17.jpg
Josh and Fiona-1.jpg
Josh and Fiona-25.jpg
Josh and Fiona-29.jpg
Josh and Fiona-31.jpg
Josh and Fiona-36.jpg
Josh and Fiona-40.jpg
Josh and Fiona-46.jpg
Josh and Fiona-49.jpg

Purple Bridal Shower Shoot

I am so excited to share this pretty purple bridal shower organised by the team at Scrumptious Grazing Events. The shower was inspired by all things floral and feminine, Tabitha and the creatives behind this shoot wanted to show how you can create the perfect celebration for a bride to be.

This lovely editorial shoot was held at Terara Riverside Retreat which boasts views of the Shoalhaven River. The event incorporated bright purple in varying shades into everything from the flowers to the cocktails, and even on top of the cake!

If you’re hosting a bridal shower soon, get inspired by this pretty purple event!

The incredible vendors and models are listed below, thank you to everyone that put their hand up to make this possible, it was so much fun.

Venue: Terara Riverside Retreat
Gourmet Grazing: Scrumptious Grazing Events
Furniture, Tricyce and Lawn Games: A Game of Love
Florist: Jessica Lea Foral Design
Arbour and Signage: The Prop Sisters
Caravan Bar and Drinks: Little Gracey
Photography: Samuel White Photography
Videography: GCC Visuals
Models: Megan Vaughan, Michelle Gray, Jael Barrios, Nina De Borde, Michelle Cato, Emma McGill and Jamie Borg

Terara Bridal Shower Collab-147.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-136.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-143.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-146.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-51.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-112.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-115.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-61.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-107.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-24.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-22.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-140.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-100.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-6.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-99.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-10.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-12.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-17.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-21.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-29.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-49.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-38.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-41.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-48.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-82.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-69.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-71.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-72.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-15.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-14.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-11.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-84.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-95.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-86.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-65.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-128.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-134.jpg