Thomas and Morgan's Blue Mountain's Wedding

A classic garden wedding styled with white chairs and a fabric arbour, complete with the couples closest friends and family; Thomas and Morgan curated a beautiful selection of elements that married perfectly on the day.

Thomas set the mood by setting up the wedding before Morgan arrived with the sweetest flower girls and page boy. The Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens was the perfect backdrop for not only their ceremony but also their portraits.

These two were just the sweetest and really made the most of their moments together, while including their children in the celebration. Congratulations to you both and all the best for your marriage!

Wedding Venue: Blue Mountain’s Botanical Garden
Celebrant: Karen Ainley
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Boho Hair and Makeup

Thomas and Morgan-58.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-43.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-64.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-73.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-74.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-78.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-84.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-82.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-93.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-90.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-85.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-103.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-108.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-116.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-130.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-168.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-172.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-175.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-182.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-188.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-195.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-197.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-198.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-199.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-201.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-211.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-213.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-224.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-239.jpg
Thomas and Morgan-258.jpg

Jake and Hannah's Wollongong Wedding

The wedding of Jake and Hannah, which took place at Novotel North Beach earlier this month was one big celebration of love. The beautiful ocean views, which North Wollongong Novotel is famous for, made for the perfect backdrop, captivating the guests who had travelled from all around the world to celebrate their marriage. After the ceremony was over, I joined the loved up couple and their bridal party and as visited a relatives nearby property to take portraits in the garden. The beautifully thought out aesthetic of the entire wedding meant there were so many opportunities for gorgeous photos. Congratulations Jake and Hannah on your marriage and thank you for allowing me to document your big day!

Wedding Venue: Novotel North Wollongong
Celebrant: Sharyn
Wedding Stylist: Wedding and Event Creators
Wedding Coordination: BB Event Planning
Florist: Wildflower
Hair Stylist: Amy Mitchell Hair
Makeup Artist: Maria T
DJ: Wedding DJ Hire
Cake: Delaney’s Cakes

Jake and Hannah-6.jpg
Jake and Hannah-11.jpg
Jake and Hannah-13.jpg
Jake and Hannah-19.jpg
Jake and Hannah-23.jpg
Jake and Hannah-30.jpg
Jake and Hannah-36.jpg
Jake and Hannah-54.jpg
Jake and Hannah-50.jpg
Jake and Hannah-46.jpg
Jake and Hannah-39.jpg
Jake and Hannah-59.jpg
Jake and Hannah-64.jpg
Jake and Hannah-65.jpg
Jake and Hannah-87.jpg
Jake and Hannah-104.jpg
Jake and Hannah-108.jpg
Jake and Hannah-105.jpg
Jake and Hannah-109.jpg
Jake and Hannah-110.jpg
Jake and Hannah-116.jpg
Jake and Hannah-118.jpg
Jake and Hannah-124.jpg
Jake and Hannah-128.jpg
Jake and Hannah-148.jpg
Jake and Hannah-152.jpg
Jake and Hannah-155.jpg
Jake and Hannah-164.jpg
Jake and Hannah-180.jpg
Jake and Hannah-177.jpg
Jake and Hannah-198.jpg
Jake and Hannah-211.jpg
Jake and Hannah-217.jpg
Jake and Hannah-224.jpg
Jake and Hannah-227.jpg
Jake and Hannah-231.jpg
Jake and Hannah-237.jpg
Jake and Hannah-233.jpg
Jake and Hannah-241.jpg
Jake and Hannah-249.jpg
Jake and Hannah-261.jpg
Jake and Hannah-265.jpg
Jake and Hannah-273.jpg
Jake and Hannah-271.jpg
Jake and Hannah-284.jpg
Jake and Hannah-287.jpg
Jake and Hannah-293.jpg
Jake and Hannah-310.jpg
Jake and Hannah-315.jpg
Jake and Hannah-325.jpg
Jake and Hannah-335.jpg
Jake and Hannah-337.jpg
Jake and Hannah-356.jpg
Jake and Hannah-357.jpg
Jake and Hannah-343.jpg
Jake and Hannah-341.jpg
Jake and Hannah-381.jpg
Jake and Hannah-382.jpg
Jake and Hannah-388.jpg
Jake and Hannah-390.jpg
Jake and Hannah-391.jpg

Jono and Alysha's Gerroa Wedding

Jono and Alysha’s wedding in Gerroa was such a nice afternoon celebrating their love. Jono went above and beyond to surprise his new wife with a special car to take her to the ceremony and she sure was surprised! The couple exchanged rings and made promises about their future in front of friends and family at the beach and it was very heartfelt.

Congratulations to you both and all the best for the future!

Wedding Venue: Gerroa, NSW
Celebrant: Eddie
Hair and make up: Wedding Mobile Hair and Makeup
Florist: Flamingo Florist

Jono and Alysha-1.jpg
Jono and Alysha-15.jpg
Jono and Alysha-27.jpg
Jono and Alysha-26.jpg
Jono and Alysha-30.jpg
Jono and Alysha-36.jpg
Jono and Alysha-37.jpg
Jono and Alysha-49.jpg
Jono and Alysha-59.jpg
Jono and Alysha-53.jpg
Jono and Alysha-57.jpg
Jono and Alysha-55.jpg
Jono and Alysha-79.jpg
Jono and Alysha-81.jpg
Jono and Alysha-80.jpg
Jono and Alysha-75.jpg
Jono and Alysha-84.jpg
Jono and Alysha-86.jpg
Jono and Alysha-91.jpg
Jono and Alysha-93.jpg
Jono and Alysha-101.jpg
Jono and Alysha-113.jpg
Jono and Alysha-115.jpg
Jono and Alysha-119.jpg
Jono and Alysha-123.jpg
Jono and Alysha-125.jpg
Jono and Alysha-131.jpg
Jono and Alysha-144.jpg
Jono and Alysha-156.jpg
Jono and Alysha-155.jpg
Jono and Alysha-157.jpg
Jono and Alysha-159.jpg
Jono and Alysha-164.jpg
Jono and Alysha-174.jpg
Jono and Alysha-183.jpg
Jono and Alysha-186.jpg
Jono and Alysha-194.jpg
Jono and Alysha-198.jpg
Jono and Alysha-201.jpg
Jono and Alysha-206.jpg
Jono and Alysha-228.jpg
Jono and Alysha-248.jpg
Jono and Alysha-234.jpg
Jono and Alysha-245.jpg
Jono and Alysha-240.jpg
Jono and Alysha-312.jpg
Jono and Alysha-322.jpg
Jono and Alysha-315.jpg
Jono and Alysha-327.jpg
Jono and Alysha-332.jpg
Jono and Alysha-335.jpg
Jono and Alysha-336.jpg
Jono and Alysha-340.jpg
Jono and Alysha-345.jpg
Jono and Alysha-353.jpg
Jono and Alysha-357.jpg
Jono and Alysha-359.jpg
Jono and Alysha-362.jpg
Jono and Alysha-364.jpg
Jono and Alysha-369.jpg
Jono and Alysha-375.jpg
Jono and Alysha-378.jpg

Mathew and Alana's Mudgee Wedding

Mudgee NSW was the perfect setting for the wedding of Mathew and Alana who tied the knot at the picturesque Olive Nest in front of family and friends, many who travelled to join the couple in their marriage celebrations. This was my first visit to Mudgee and I was so impressed by the beautiful countryside and colonial buildings that make up the main street of the town centre. Mathew and Alana had two people in their bridal party which meant the couple had a really nice morning with their closest friend and family before heading to the ceremony. I was so happy to be asked to photograph this wedding because this couple is the perfect reminder of what love is all about.

Wedding Venue: The Olive Nest
Lasting Love Ceremonies
Hair Stylist:
Natasha Edwick
Makeup Artist:
Bek Sangster
By the bride and maid of honour
Parfait Patisserie Kiama

Alana and Mathew-11.jpg
Alana and Mathew-30.jpg
Alana and Mathew-32.jpg
Alana and Mathew-35.jpg
Alana and Mathew-42.jpg
Alana and Mathew-46.jpg
Alana and Mathew-45.jpg
Alana and Mathew-49.jpg
Alana and Mathew-56.jpg
Alana and Mathew-64.jpg
Alana and Mathew-82.jpg
Alana and Mathew-95.jpg
Alana and Mathew-101.jpg
Alana and Mathew-107.jpg
Alana and Mathew-109.jpg
Alana and Mathew-121.jpg
Alana and Mathew-124.jpg
Alana and Mathew-127.jpg
Alana and Mathew-129.jpg
Alana and Mathew-132.jpg
Alana and Mathew-133.jpg
Alana and Mathew-134.jpg
Alana and Mathew-138.jpg
Alana and Mathew-152.jpg
Alana and Mathew-156.jpg
Alana and Mathew-159.jpg
Alana and Mathew-161.jpg
Alana and Mathew-169.jpg
Alana and Mathew-171.jpg
Alana and Mathew-173.jpg
Alana and Mathew-174.jpg
Alana and Mathew-179.jpg
Alana and Mathew-190.jpg
Alana and Mathew-189.jpg
Alana and Mathew-185.jpg
Alana and Mathew-193.jpg
Alana and Mathew-197.jpg
Alana and Mathew-206.jpg
Alana and Mathew-216.jpg
Alana and Mathew-221.jpg
Alana and Mathew-228.jpg
Alana and Mathew-231.jpg
Alana and Mathew-234.jpg
Alana and Mathew-273.jpg
Alana and Mathew-260.jpg
Alana and Mathew-265.jpg
Alana and Mathew-278.jpg
Alana and Mathew-285.jpg
Alana and Mathew-299.jpg
Alana and Mathew-302.jpg
Alana and Mathew-304.jpg
Alana and Mathew-308.jpg
Alana and Mathew-313.jpg
Alana and Mathew-317.jpg
Alana and Mathew-328.jpg
Alana and Mathew-321.jpg
Alana and Mathew-327.jpg
Alana and Mathew-332.jpg
Alana and Mathew-341.jpg
Alana and Mathew-349.jpg
Alana and Mathew-355.jpg
Alana and Mathew-361.jpg
Alana and Mathew-365.jpg
Alana and Mathew-371.jpg
Alana and Mathew-378.jpg
Alana and Mathew-387.jpg
Alana and Mathew-404.jpg
Alana and Mathew-403.jpg
Alana and Mathew-402.jpg
Alana and Mathew-414.jpg
Alana and Mathew-422.jpg
Alana and Mathew-430.jpg
Alana and Mathew-399.jpg
Alana and Mathew-451.jpg
Alana and Mathew-455.jpg
Alana and Mathew-460.jpg

Nest Residential's Culburra Project

A couple of weeks ago I visited one of Nest Residential Design’s recent projects in Culburra, NSW. The Nest team worked with the owners of this property to redesign a home that was better suited to this waterfront block. Having seen the before photos of this knock down re build it is incredible to see what these local designers are capable of. As a photographer I enjoyed photographing this open plan home that was flooding with natural light.

238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-34.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-32.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-26.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-24.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-28.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-20.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-19.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-22.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-1.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-2.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-3.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-4.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-5.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-6.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-7.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-8.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-9.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-10.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-11.jpg
238 Penguin Head Rd, Culburra(hires)-12.jpg

Callala Maternity Session

Now that I’m a parent myself, I love meeting new parents to be because I can so clearly remember what it’s like to be in their shoes. This family session holds a special place in my heart because just like Nathan and Cara, my wife Natalie and I are expecting our second child later this year. I know it is such an exciting time that goes by so quickly.

Nathan and Cara, thank you so much for allowing me to capture such a special time for your family. I hope that every time you look at these photos, you’ll be taken back to a time you look back on with great joy. Congratulations to you both!

Cara and Nathan-2.jpg
Cara and Nathan-9.jpg
Cara and Nathan-8.jpg
Cara and Nathan-11.jpg
Cara and Nathan-16.jpg
Cara and Nathan-17.jpg
Cara and Nathan-19.jpg
Cara and Nathan-20.jpg
Cara and Nathan-26.jpg
Cara and Nathan-28.jpg
Cara and Nathan-30.jpg
Cara and Nathan-32.jpg
Cara and Nathan-33.jpg
Cara and Nathan-58.jpg
Cara and Nathan-61.jpg

Tom and Elise's Wedding

Tom and Elise’s wedding was held in late Marc at the Headlands Austinmer Beach, and the day couldn’t have gone better. The expecting couple decided to surprise their guests with a gender reveal during their reception. Not only was the gender of their baby a surprise to their loved ones, it was also a surprise for the newlyweds. I was able to get some great portraits revealing that baby Woods is a girl.

Congratulations to you both on your marriage and all the best with your baby!

Wedding Venue: Austinmer Headlands
Celebrant: Robyn Freer
Wedding Hire: Wedding and Event Creators and Wedding Knights
Florist: Georgia Tildsley
Hair Stylist: Hair by Hailee
Makeup Artist: Hayley McIver Makeup

Tom and Elise-3.jpg
Tom and Elise-15.jpg
Tom and Elise-2.jpg
Tom and Elise-16.jpg
Tom and Elise-19.jpg
Tom and Elise-21.jpg
Tom and Elise-24.jpg
Tom and Elise-31.jpg
Tom and Elise-47.jpg
Tom and Elise-62.jpg
Tom and Elise-38.jpg
Tom and Elise-66.jpg
Tom and Elise-70.jpg
Tom and Elise-74.jpg
Tom and Elise-78.jpg
Tom and Elise-82.jpg
Tom and Elise-84.jpg
Tom and Elise-86.jpg
Tom and Elise-89.jpg
Tom and Elise-103.jpg
Tom and Elise-104.jpg
Tom and Elise-92.jpg
Tom and Elise-105.jpg
Tom and Elise-108.jpg
Tom and Elise-110.jpg
Tom and Elise-112.jpg
Tom and Elise-117.jpg
Tom and Elise-125.jpg
Tom and Elise-129.jpg
Tom and Elise-133.jpg
Tom and Elise-142.jpg
Tom and Elise-143.jpg
Tom and Elise-145.jpg
Tom and Elise-171.jpg
Tom and Elise-179.jpg
Tom and Elise-174.jpg
Tom and Elise-225.jpg
Tom and Elise-217.jpg
Tom and Elise-187.jpg
Tom and Elise-190.jpg
Tom and Elise-200.jpg
Tom and Elise-201.jpg
Tom and Elise-204.jpg
Tom and Elise-239.jpg
Tom and Elise-240.jpg
Tom and Elise-236.jpg
Tom and Elise-241.jpg
Tom and Elise-244.jpg
Tom and Elise-247.jpg
Tom and Elise-250.jpg
Tom and Elise-251.jpg
Tom and Elise-253.jpg
Tom and Elise-301.jpg
Tom and Elise-257.jpg
Tom and Elise-258.jpg
Tom and Elise-304.jpg
Tom and Elise-233.jpg
Tom and Elise-276.jpg
Tom and Elise-282.jpg
Tom and Elise-291.jpg
Tom and Elise-314.jpg
Tom and Elise-328.jpg
Tom and Elise-333.jpg
Tom and Elise-339.jpg
Tom and Elise-345.jpg
Tom and Elise-346.jpg

Jayden and Karishma's Engagement Session

I had the opportunity to work with Jayden and Karishma last week and I couldn’t be happier with how the shoot went. They are the nicest couple and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this month! You can see how much they love each other in every photo that was captured. Congratulations on your engagement, I will see you both at the wedding!

Karishma and Jayden-2.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-5.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-11.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-15.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-23.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-20.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-21.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-24.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-33.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-26.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-31.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-37.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-39.jpg
Karishma and Jayden-1.jpg

KNK Commercial Build

Last week I photographed one of the latest projects by KNK Builders and Go Steel Building Products, a commercial property in South Nowra. This modern warehouse was built for Shoalhaven Garage Doors. This architecturally designed double storey premises was aesthetically pleasing with it’s cutting edge design, clean lines and contrasting textures. I can’t wait to see more of KNK’s work this year!

KNK Commercial Award-2.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-5.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-6.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-8.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-12.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-10.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-13.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-15.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-18.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-21.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-23.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-25.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-27.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-28.jpg
KNK Commercial Award-30.jpg

KNK Kangaroo Valley Project

Earlier this week I revisited one of the latest projects by KNK Builders in Kangaroo Valley. The last time I was on site the steel frames had just gone up, now only a few months later the house is finished complete with landscaping. This modern country home was a really exciting build to watch the progress on!

KNK Builders
Go Steel Building Products
Hanlon Windows
Craig Johnson Design
True Core Steel
Spantec Systems
Bluescope Australia
CLN Landscapes

Glenayar Finished-1.jpg
Glenayar Finished-4.jpg
Glenayar Finished-5.jpg
Glenayar Finished-8.jpg
Glenayar Finished-11.jpg
Glenayar Finished-13.jpg
Glenayar Finished-17.jpg
Glenayar Finished-18.jpg
Glenayar Finished-19.jpg
Glenayar Finished-20.jpg
Glenayar Finished-21.jpg
Glenayar Finished-22.jpg
Glenayar Finished-23.jpg
Glenayar Finished-24.jpg
Glenayar Finished-25.jpg
Glenayar Finished-26.jpg
Glenayar Finished-27.jpg
Glenayar Finished-29.jpg
Glenayar Finished-30.jpg
Glenayar Finished-31.jpg
Glenayar Finished-32.jpg
Glenayar Finished-33.jpg
Glenayar Finished-34.jpg
Glenayar Finished-35.jpg

Hunter's 6th Birthday

Parties were never this good when I was a kid! My nephew Hunter celebrated his 6th birthday, with all of his closest friends and family coming together to make his day a memorable one. Here are some of the highlights!

Hunter's 6th Birthday-2.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-8.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-9.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-7.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-19.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-20.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-26.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-31.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-32.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-34.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-42.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-39.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-51.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-46.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-55.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-56.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-59.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-63.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-67.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-68.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-71.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-74.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-78.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-82.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-87.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-105.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-91.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-111.jpg

James and Sam's Kiama Wedding

Samantha and James created the perfect beachside celebration with their nearest and dearest friends last week. They had a traditional church ceremony at the Kiama Catholic Church followed by a sit-down reception at The Pavilion. Their reception venue is positioned on the headland overlooking Kiama’s Surf Beach and has spectacular water views. Their wedding was such a fun celebration and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple to spend a day with, two people so deserving of the love they have found.

Ceremony Venue: Kiama Catholic Church
Priest: Father Simon Apablaza
Reception Venue: Kiama Pavilion
MC: Justin Stevenson
Florist: Wildflower Floral Stylists Wollongong
Entertainment: Oberon Lane
Hair Stylist: Holliewood Hair and Beauty
Makeup Artist: Kady Foley
Lawn Games: A Game Of Love
Videographer: Yesterday Videography

James and Samantha-1.jpg
James and Samantha-7.jpg
James and Samantha-9.jpg
James and Samantha-33.jpg
James and Samantha-10.jpg
James and Samantha-13.jpg
James and Samantha-16.jpg
James and Samantha-18.jpg
James and Samantha-25.jpg
James and Samantha-30.jpg
James and Samantha-31.jpg
James and Samantha-38.jpg
James and Samantha-53.jpg
James and Samantha-41.jpg
James and Samantha-56.jpg
James and Samantha-55.jpg
James and Samantha-73.jpg
James and Samantha-84.jpg
James and Samantha-88.jpg
James and Samantha-91.jpg
James and Samantha-92.jpg
James and Samantha-95.jpg
James and Samantha-97.jpg
James and Samantha-122.jpg
James and Samantha-140.jpg
James and Samantha-137.jpg
James and Samantha-134.jpg
James and Samantha-143.jpg
James and Samantha-145.jpg
James and Samantha-166.jpg
James and Samantha-168.jpg
James and Samantha-171.jpg
James and Samantha-185.jpg
James and Samantha-177.jpg
James and Samantha-187.jpg
James and Samantha-198.jpg
James and Samantha-201.jpg
James and Samantha-202.jpg
James and Samantha-206.jpg
James and Samantha-208.jpg
James and Samantha-219.jpg
James and Samantha-210.jpg
James and Samantha-211.jpg
James and Samantha-245.jpg
James and Samantha-223.jpg
James and Samantha-226.jpg
James and Samantha-233.jpg
James and Samantha-239.jpg
James and Samantha-243.jpg
James and Samantha-246.jpg
James and Samantha-251.jpg
James and Samantha-256.jpg
James and Samantha-262.jpg
James and Samantha-277.jpg
James and Samantha-279.jpg
James and Samantha-281.jpg
James and Samantha-285.jpg
James and Samantha-293.jpg
James and Samantha-306.jpg
James and Samantha-307.jpg
James and Samantha-310.jpg
James and Samantha-312.jpg
James and Samantha-301.jpg
James and Samantha-314.jpg
James and Samantha-318.jpg
James and Samantha-320.jpg
James and Samantha-324.jpg
James and Samantha-345.jpg
James and Samantha-348.jpg
James and Samantha-349.jpg
James and Samantha-353.jpg
James and Samantha-361.jpg
James and Samantha-365.jpg
James and Samantha-371.jpg
James and Samantha-378.jpg
James and Samantha-380.jpg
James and Samantha-381.jpg
James and Samantha-386.jpg
James and Samantha-389.jpg
James and Samantha-392.jpg
James and Samantha-396.jpg
James and Samantha-406.jpg
James and Samantha-429.jpg
James and Samantha-430.jpg
James and Samantha-422.jpg
James and Samantha-426.jpg
James and Samantha-431.jpg
James and Samantha-427.jpg
James and Samantha-437.jpg
James and Samantha-439.jpg
James and Samantha-475.jpg
James and Samantha-476.jpg
James and Samantha-459.jpg
James and Samantha-484.jpg
James and Samantha-488.jpg
James and Samantha-490.jpg
James and Samantha-492.jpg
James and Samantha-495.jpg
James and Samantha-503.jpg
James and Samantha-506.jpg

Brendon and Lisa's Culburra Wedding

Brendon and Lisa chose to have a simple coastal ceremony at Culburra Beach with close family and friends surrounding them as they said their “i do’s”. It was a gorgeous afternoon and everyone was so excited as they anticipated Lisa’s arrival. They had a perfectly intimate ceremony which was followed by a fun filled reception at the Culburra Surf Lifesaving Club. We spent minimal time taking portraits as the couple wanted to spend as much time with their guests as possible. Brendon and Lisa felt the celebration was not only about their marriage but the joining of two circles of friends and family. I loved being a part of this beautiful wedding by the sea.

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Culburra Surf Lifesaving Club
Celebrant: Merry McGinn
Florist: Blooming Occasions
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Holliewood Hair and Beauty
Woodfire Pizza: Wandering Woodfire Pizza
Entertainment: Moovin Music

Brendon and Lisa-1.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-13.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-9.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-24.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-43.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-45.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-106.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-48.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-91.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-101.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-54.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-113.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-124.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-128.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-153.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-155.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-154.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-160.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-163.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-203.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-204.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-209.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-218.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-220.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-224.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-231.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-238.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-244.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-245.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-247.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-250.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-346.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-347.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-349.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-343.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-282.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-353.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-356.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-358.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-364.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-382.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-386.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-394.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-396.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-407.jpg

Family Shoot at Greenfield's Beach

Lauren brought her family to have portraits at Greenfield’s Beach earlier this month in Jervis Bay. We took some nice family photos and some photos of the kids running around the beach having a good time. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon at one of my favourite spots on the South Coast, cool blue water, white sand and unique rocks that meet the national park.

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Fletcher and Tegan's Wedding

Fletcher and Tegan’s wedding was absolutely amazing to photograph. They had their traditional ceremony at Bulli Kingdom Hall followed by an afternoon reception at Crooked River Wines. The couple decided to have their bridal portraits on a friends property in Jamberoo, which was a first for me! I loved witnessing the start of their marriage and I was made feel so welcome by their friends and family.

Ceremony Venue: Bulli Kingdom Hall
Reception Venue:
Crooked River Wines
Flowers on the Mill
Hair Stylist:
Maya Smith
Makeup Artist:
Ella and Me
Made With Love from Lily Grace Bridal

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James and Erin's Hunter Valley Wedding

James and Erin had a perfectly intimate wedding at Redleaf in Wollombi with their closest family and friends. They were lucky that the rain stayed away for most of the day which allowed them to have an outdoor ceremony followed by drinks and grazing platters in the beautiful gardens on the property. The afternoon was followed by a traditional sit down reception in a stunning sperry tent filled ambient lighting and lush floral installations. The night was full of hilarious speeches and a whole heap of dancing to live music. What a wedding! 

Venue: Redleaf Wollombi, Hunter Valley
Flowers and Styling: The Wedding Designers
Tent hire: Katalane Event Hire
Hair Stylist: Erin Redgrove
Makeup Artist: Kathryn Curtin 
Gown: Eternal Bridal Australia
Llama Hire: The Llama Collective
Live Music: Red Soda Band
Celebrant: Friend - Christie
MC: Friend - Lloyd
Catering: Eden Catering
Cake: Michelle The Cake Chef 

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