James and Natasha's Kiama Wedding

James and Natasha’s wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. The two got married on the South Coast because it is where the bride Natasha grew up. They said “I do” in front of the harbour at Kiama surrounded by their family, close friends and their son William. After the portraits were taken they joined their guests for a night of laughs, dancing and some incredible live music. It’s always hard to pick my favourite photos from weddings, but I’ve managed it down. Enjoy!

Venue: The Pavilion, Kiama
Celebrant/ MC: Adam Straney
Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Flowers: Botanic Art
Hair stylist: Absolute Hair by Tia
Makeup: Goodness Gracious Beauty
Furniture Hire: South Coast party Hire
Neon Light Hire: Sammy and Lola
Band: The Baker Boys Band

James and Natasha-35.jpg
James and Natasha-25.jpg
James and Natasha-16.jpg
James and Natasha-158.jpg
James and Natasha-160.jpg
James and Natasha-161.jpg
James and Natasha-175.jpg
James and Natasha-179.jpg
James and Natasha-184.jpg
James and Natasha-189.jpg
James and Natasha-194.jpg
James and Natasha-199.jpg
James and Natasha-58.jpg
James and Natasha-70.jpg
James and Natasha-61.jpg
James and Natasha-85.jpg
James and Natasha-106.jpg
James and Natasha-127.jpg
James and Natasha-119.jpg
James and Natasha-113.jpg
James and Natasha-138.jpg
James and Natasha-224.jpg
James and Natasha-217.jpg
James and Natasha-228.jpg
James and Natasha-232.jpg
James and Natasha-227.jpg
James and Natasha-240.jpg
James and Natasha-243.jpg
James and Natasha-256.jpg
James and Natasha-257.jpg
James and Natasha-277.jpg
James and Natasha-272.jpg
James and Natasha-296.jpg
James and Natasha-300.jpg
James and Natasha-307.jpg
James and Natasha-310.jpg
James and Natasha-316.jpg
James and Natasha-320.jpg
James and Natasha-328.jpg
James and Natasha-343.jpg
James and Natasha-350.jpg
James and Natasha-352.jpg
James and Natasha-357.jpg
James and Natasha-359.jpg
James and Natasha-367.jpg
James and Natasha-369.jpg
James and Natasha-371.jpg
James and Natasha-375.jpg
James and Natasha-386.jpg
James and Natasha Drone-2.jpg
James and Natasha Drone-8.jpg
James and Natasha-428.jpg
James and Natasha-439.jpg
James and Natasha-441.jpg
James and Natasha-456.jpg
James and Natasha-458.jpg
James and Natasha-462.jpg
James and Natasha-468.jpg
James and Natasha-473.jpg
James and Natasha-470.jpg
James and Natasha-489.jpg
James and Natasha-509.jpg
James and Natasha-514.jpg
James and Natasha-521.jpg
James and Natasha-547.jpg
James and Natasha-553.jpg
James and Natasha-560.jpg
James and Natasha-569.jpg
James and Natasha-582.jpg
James and Natasha-592.jpg
James and Natasha-532.jpg
James and Natasha-596.jpg
James and Natasha-599.jpg
James and Natasha-607.jpg
James and Natasha-625.jpg
James and Natasha-632.jpg
James and Natasha-645.jpg
James and Natasha-650.jpg
James and Natasha-653.jpg
James and Natasha-662.jpg
James and Natasha-665.jpg
James and Natasha-666.jpg
James and Natasha-704.jpg
James and Natasha-676.jpg
James and Natasha-731.jpg
James and Natasha-721.jpg
James and Natasha-715.jpg
James and Natasha-724.jpg
James and Natasha-742.jpg
James and Natasha-732.jpg
James and Natasha-741.jpg
James and Natasha-756.jpg
James and Natasha-759.jpg
James and Natasha-760.jpg
James and Natasha-763.jpg
James and Natasha-740.jpg
James and Natasha-770.jpg
James and Natasha-765.jpg
James and Natasha-766.jpg
James and Natasha-774.jpg
James and Natasha-767.jpg
James and Natasha-787.jpg
James and Natasha-800.jpg

One Fine Day Sydney

Spread over two days, One Fine Day is an incredibly unique bridal expo in Barangaroo that I had the pleasure of shooting. The catwalk featured over 80 incredible looks with a mix of bridal, menswear and bridesmaids. The Sydney Fair showcased some of the most talented Australian Designers and all hair and makeup was by Rebecca Paris. It’s been over two years since I worked as a catwalk photographer and it was just as fun as I remember. Here are some of my favourite shots from the show.

OFD 2019-10.jpg
OFD 2019-5.jpg
OFD 2019-18.jpg
OFD 2019-25.jpg
OFD 2019-28.jpg
OFD 2019-35.jpg
OFD 2019-4.jpg
OFD 2019-27.jpg
OFD 2019-75.jpg
OFD 2019-100.jpg
OFD 2019-114.jpg
OFD 2019-109.jpg
OFD 2019-122.jpg
OFD 2019-121.jpg
OFD 2019-111.jpg
OFD 2019-104.jpg
OFD 2019-105.jpg
OFD 2019-106.jpg

Antoinette's Maternity Session

There aren’t too many things more beautiful than seeing a soon to be mum awaiting the arrival of her beautiful baby and here’s the proof. At 36 weeks pregnant Antoinette was glowing at her Jervis Bay maternity shoot last week, here are some of the highlights!

Antionette Maternity-1.jpg
Antionette Maternity-3.jpg
Antionette Maternity-20.jpg
Antionette Maternity-28.jpg
Antionette Maternity-30.jpg
Antionette Maternity-23.jpg
Antionette Maternity-31.jpg
Antionette Maternity-33.jpg
Antionette Maternity-46.jpg
Antionette Maternity-44.jpg
Antionette Maternity-45.jpg

Sam and Grace's Wedding

Sam and Grace kicked off the new year saying I do with a beautiful afternoon wedding at The Silo’s Estate Berry.

They had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in front of the vineyard followed by an evening reception under a marquee lit by fairy lights for ambience.

Having everything at the same wedding venue makes for a relaxed day. While the bride and groom headed to the iconic silo for photos, their guests could enjoy pizza, taco and some drinks.

Check out Grace and Sam’s Silo’s Estate wedding in Berry below.

Venue: Silo’s Estate Berry
Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Hair: Tim Metcalfe
Makeup: Sally-Ann Beauty
Marquee/furniture hire: Shoalhaven Party Hire
Extra furniture hire: Hoorah Events
Florist: Elkas Garden, Gerringong
Food: Tin Shed Pizza and Smith Street Foods
Drinks: Wines by Silos Estate
Beers and margarita bar by Manning Street Cellars

Sam and Grace-13.jpg
Sam and Grace-14.jpg
Sam and Grace-35.jpg
Sam and Grace-45.jpg
Sam and Grace-49.jpg
Sam and Grace-96.jpg
Sam and Grace-98.jpg
Sam and Grace-103.jpg
Sam and Grace-111.jpg
Sam and Grace-75.jpg
Sam and Grace-79.jpg
Sam and Grace-81.jpg
Sam and Grace-82.jpg
Sam and Grace-83.jpg
Sam and Grace-2.jpg
Sam and Grace-183.jpg
Sam and Grace-187.jpg
Sam and Grace-230.jpg
Sam and Grace-233.jpg
Sam and Grace-253.jpg
Sam and Grace-257.jpg
Sam and Grace-260.jpg
Sam and Grace-270.jpg
Sam and Grace-289.jpg
Sam and Grace-286.jpg
Sam and Grace-301.jpg
Sam and Grace-313.jpg
Sam and Grace-316.jpg
Sam and Grace-386.jpg
Sam and Grace-392.jpg
Sam and Grace-463.jpg
Sam and Grace-476.jpg
Sam and Grace-469.jpg
Sam and Grace-524.jpg
Sam and Grace-341.jpg
Sam and Grace-526.jpg
Sam and Grace-509.jpg
Sam and Grace-511.jpg
Sam and Grace-550.jpg
Sam and Grace-562.jpg
Sam and Grace-571.jpg
Sam and Grace-599.jpg
Sam and Grace-608.jpg
Sam and Grace-542.jpg
Sam and Grace-620.jpg
Sam and Grace-626.jpg
Sam and Grace-627.jpg

Blenheim Collaboration

Bridget and Savannah were the perfect fit for this shoot. Kristy and Kayla wanted to go with the blonde beachy look to suit the Australian summer at Jervis Bay. Thanks to the girls willingness to have some fun with the shoot we have some incredible images to showcase each of our work!

I picked this location because the afternoon light is incredible and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the different backdrops on offer.

Location: Blenheim Beach, Jervis Bay
Bridget Clamor and Savannah Lloyd
Kristy Patrice Hair
Kayla K Makeup

Kayla K Kristy Patrice-7.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-6.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-9.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-13.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-14.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-16.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-22.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-20.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-25.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-26.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-36.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-40.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-41.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-44.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-45.jpg

Jervis Bay Bridal Collaboration

On a late afternoon in January our team met up at beautiful Blenheim Beach in Jervis Bay to photograph some of the latest gowns offered at South Coast Brides. 

The first gown worn by Savannah is Jadore White Label which was the perfect fit for the relaxed vibe we wanted to achieve. We wanted a gown that was flattering and gentle on the skin. We also wanted to make sure that the gown wasn’t too heavy and allowed our bride to move around comfortably. The pleated cross over bodice with sweetheart neckline is extremely slimming on the waist and flattering at the bust. The full skirt then creates the ultimate bridal look with ultimate comfort.

Our second look was a traditional, romantic fit-and-flare dress by designer Stella York. The delicate print lace in a floral pattern creates the most beautiful silhouette. Wide lace straps with a scallop lace edge create a V-neckline and deep-V back. We had fun shooting the playful movement of the gown which is created by the heavy bodice that lightens as it floats into the skirt. This vintage inspired gowned hinted at the traditional romantic look we wanted to achieve.

Kayla K created a flawless makeup look which was able to stand the humidity. Her classic bridal look was achieved with radiant, glowing skin, sculpted brows and statement lashes. By using gold contrasting eyeshadow she really made Savannah’s blue eyes pop. 

Kristy Patrice wanted to create a free flowing hair style that matched the effortlessly romantic look we were going for. She embraced the natural texture of Savannah’s hair with soft curls. To change between the two looks she pinned back Savannah’s hair and added the veil which gave the illusion of a half-up style. 

We had such a fun time seeing the vision of each of the suppliers come to life! 

Location: Blenheim Beach, Jervis Bay
Savannah Lloyd
South Coast Brides
Kristy Patrice Hair
Kayla K Makeup

South Coast Brides Collab-5.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-6.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-11.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-10.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-1.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-28.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-26.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-35.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-34.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-33.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-31.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-13.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-15.jpg
South Coast Brides Collab-18.jpg

Katrina and Jarryd's Wedding

Jarryd and Katrina’s wedding was held last month at The Woods Farm in Jervis Bay. The Woods Farm is a luxury country retreat set on 40 acres. This property was the perfect spot to allow for Kat and Jarryd’s guests who had travelled from all around the world to join together in the celebration of their marriage.

There are so many details that we loved about this day but our two favourites were their readings from the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S and that their witnesses were drawn out of a raffle - what a unique wedding!

Congratulations Kat and Jarryd and thank you for allowing us to document your big day!

Venue: The Woods Farm
Ivy Lane
Mobile Taproom:
Garnish Catering
Gelato Caravan:
Swaggers Band
Shannon Purse
Natalie Gauci for Ella and Me
Chosen by One Day Bridal

Katrina and Jarryd-1.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-2.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-3.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-4.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-17.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-359.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-15.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-16.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-355.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-361.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-363.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-35.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-30.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-37.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-11.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-13.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-48.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-41.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-45.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-44.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-42.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-53.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-70.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-71.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-73.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-76.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-77.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-78.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-79.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-89.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-101.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-104.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-108.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-103.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-109.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-113.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-124.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-100.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-127.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-128.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-133.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-132.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-137.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-138.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-143.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-149.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-156.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-153.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-206.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-157.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-190.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-198.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-161.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-209.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-212.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-230.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-233.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-217.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-225.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-213.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-226.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-239.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-241.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-438.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-443.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-444.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-448.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-454.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-445.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-456.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-352.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-252.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-253.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-271.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-347.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-344.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-304.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-306.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-274.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-287.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-302.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-399.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-412.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-385.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-417.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-432.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-351.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-371.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-402.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-473.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-490.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-471.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-483.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-463.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-466.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-481.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-476.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-553.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-494.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-562.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-475.jpg
Katrina and Jarryd-26.jpg

Callala Beach Family Session

I met up with Hayley and her extended family as they celebrated their mothers 60th birthday. The family were staying in a beautiful waterfront holiday home in Callala Beach so we met there and took a short walk down to the sand. I captured them interacting and having fun with each other, the kids had lots of energy and enjoyed the South Coast beach. The session included a mixture of guided and candid images, here are some of my favourites.

Hayley Mundy-1.jpg
Hayley Mundy-6.jpg
Hayley Mundy-9.jpg
Hayley Mundy-11.jpg
Hayley Mundy-12.jpg
Hayley Mundy-13.jpg
Hayley Mundy-16.jpg
Hayley Mundy-22.jpg
Hayley Mundy-30.jpg
Hayley Mundy-31.jpg
Hayley Mundy-36.jpg
Hayley Mundy-37.jpg
Hayley Mundy-45.jpg
Hayley Mundy-59.jpg
Hayley Mundy-55.jpg
Hayley Mundy-63.jpg
Hayley Mundy-71.jpg
Hayley Mundy-73.jpg
Hayley Mundy-83.jpg
Hayley Mundy-78.jpg
Hayley Mundy-88.jpg
Hayley Mundy-92.jpg
Hayley Mundy-93.jpg
Hayley Mundy-112.jpg
Hayley Mundy-113.jpg

Twin Waters Estate Property For Sale

Last week I photographed an exciting new listing for sale in Twin Waters Estate. New to the market is this custom architectural design and custom built home. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, two living areas, concrete floors throughout and an outside shower. It has a prime view of the twin waters pond and playground. Some other exciting things about the property were the double sided gas fire place, large entertaining area overlooking the pond, large entertainers kitchen and large double garage. The home only has two neighbours and has great side access to the backyard.

To organise an inspection or to inquire contact Claire on 0438712389 or by email clairejshort25@gmail.com

Claire Short (hires)-1.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-2.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-3.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-4.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-5.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-14.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-6.jpg
Claire Short (lores)-17.jpg
Claire Short (lores)-15.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-8.jpg
Claire Short (lores)-16.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-7.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-9.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-13.jpg
Claire Short (hires)-12.jpg

Morgan and Ben's Engagement Session

I spent my Sunday afternoon with Ben and Morgan for their South Coast engagement shoot. I have photographed many sessions in this paddock yet with every season it looks completely different. Arriving just in time for sunset, the gorgeous couple’s natural beauty and love for each other is reflected in the golden skies and open paddock.

I can’t wait to catch up in a couple of month’s to shoot their big day.

Ben and Morgan-10.jpg
Ben and Morgan-1.jpg
Ben and Morgan-7.jpg
Ben and Morgan-22.jpg
Ben and Morgan-26.jpg
Ben and Morgan-40.jpg
Ben and Morgan-35.jpg
Ben and Morgan-49.jpg
Ben and Morgan-41.jpg
Ben and Morgan-63.jpg

Circus Rio Nowra

On Sunday I had the opportunity to photograph Circus Rio. Natalie and I really enjoyed the show, particularly that there were no animals involved. The arena allowed for a great view no matter where you were seated and the show was a great activity for kids and parents.

If you are interested in visiting the circus while it’s in town it is located on the corner of East St & Junction St, Nowra from the 23rd of January to the 3rd of February and you can book tickets via Ticketek. 

Here were some of my favourite moments from Circus Rio.

Circus Rio-3.jpg
Circus Rio-5.jpg
Circus Rio-4.jpg
Circus Rio-7.jpg
Circus Rio-8.jpg
Circus Rio-2.jpg
Circus Rio-10.jpg
Circus Rio-11.jpg
Circus Rio-14.jpg
Circus Rio-15.jpg
Circus Rio-18.jpg
Circus Rio-19.jpg
Circus Rio-22.jpg
Circus Rio-23.jpg
Circus Rio-25.jpg
Circus Rio-26.jpg

Tommy and Lakeisha's Wedding

Take a look at Tommy and Lakeisha’s beautiful wedding. The day commenced at Tommy’s family home where Lakeisha and her bridesmaids got ready with her parents. Once ready, Lakeisha was escorted by her father to Meroo Meadow Union Church.

Since weddings have changed a lot over recent years it’s always nice to be invited to a traditional church wedding. Once the ceremony was over and the couple had been congratulated by friends and family they joined their guests for an afternoon tea. We then headed to Tommy’s family home for some portraits in the rose garden before the rain began. We were able to use the breaks in the rain to take photos at a few nearby locations before making our way to the reception venue, Wildwood in Kangaroo Valley.

Upon arrival we took some photographs on the Wildwood platform, had a picnic in the bushland and then made our way to the marquee for a night full of laughs and a whole lot of dancing.

Congratulations Tommy and Lakeisha on your marriage and thank you for allowing me to document the start of your next chapter.

Lakeisha and Tommy-9.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-26.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-2.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-13.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-39.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-20.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-57.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-77.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-86.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-91.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-150.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-122.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-152.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-95.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-92.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-511.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-213.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-173.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-168.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-222.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-244.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-323.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-262.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-284.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-281.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-308.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-286.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-271.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-317.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-331.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-334.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-361.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-383.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-396.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-406.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-407.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-411.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-415.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-426.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-439.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-486.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-513.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-524.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-542.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-545.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-553.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-565.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-568.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-570.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-578.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-582.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-597.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-590.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-595.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-610.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-637.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-636.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-622.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-669.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-657.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-666.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-662.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-681.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-691.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-693.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-695.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-707.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-683.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-688.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-685.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-702.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-725.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-732.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-739.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-780.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-785.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-788.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-796.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-846.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-817.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-822.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-839.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-829.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-833.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-834.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-857.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-860.jpg
Lakeisha and Tommy-875.jpg

Glamping in Berry

I thought I would share some photos I took earlier this week of a unique couples getaway spot in Berry, NSW. This deluxe glamping tent has its own ensuite and private deck. It has a beautiful rural outlook and is only a short stroll from the main street of Berry. The owners have opened their bookings to allow couples to enjoy authentic farm life on the South Coast, the cost is $300 per night.

To book contact Maria on 0413 053 381 or email bandmadams68@gmail.com

Glamping Tent-1.jpg
Glamping Tent-5.jpg
Glamping Tent-8.jpg
Glamping Tent-12.jpg
Glamping Tent-13.jpg
Glamping Tent-11.jpg

Blenheim Family Session

There are so many beautiful coastal beaches on the South Coast to get great family photos in the summer, but I think this is my new favourite. Blenheim Beach. I just love the bush track down to the beach, the rocks that meet the national park and the whole shoreline. Thank you to this lovely family who spent their Sunday afternoon with me, here are some of the highlights captured between the tears.

Kelly Lawson-5.jpg
Kelly Lawson-13.jpg
Kelly Lawson-24.jpg
Kelly Lawson-20.jpg
Kelly Lawson-14.jpg
Kelly Lawson-16.jpg
Kelly Lawson-72.jpg
Kelly Lawson-75.jpg
Kelly Lawson-82.jpg
Kelly Lawson-33.jpg
Kelly Lawson-62.jpg
Kelly Lawson-3.jpg
Kelly Lawson-25.jpg

Matt and Tegan's Wedding

I have been so excited to share the wedding of Tegan and Matt. This was my first wedding for the year and my first time shooting at Wharf Road, what an incredible waterfront property!

The ceremony was held outside the venue in front of the Shoalhaven River and led by celebrant Cathryn Philpott who celebrated the merging of two families and circles of friends. After the formalities were over I joined the bridal party for some portraits in nearby Terara, NSW. The photos were followed by a sit-down reception back at Wharf Road. The ambient lighting and coastal decor made for a beautiful intimate evening.

Congratulations to Matt and Tegan, what a beautiful couple to spend a day with.

Matt and Tegan-13.jpg
Matt and Tegan-21.jpg
Matt and Tegan-23.jpg
Matt and Tegan-40.jpg
Matt and Tegan-66.jpg
Matt and Tegan-73.jpg
Matt and Tegan-74.jpg
Matt and Tegan-91.jpg
Matt and Tegan-98.jpg
Matt and Tegan-101.jpg
Matt and Tegan-103.jpg
Matt and Tegan-107.jpg
Matt and Tegan-114.jpg
Matt and Tegan-127.jpg
Matt and Tegan-129.jpg
Matt and Tegan-132.jpg
Matt and Tegan-133.jpg
Matt and Tegan-142.jpg
Matt and Tegan-146.jpg
Matt and Tegan-154.jpg
Matt and Tegan-157.jpg
Matt and Tegan-166.jpg
Matt and Tegan-188.jpg
Matt and Tegan-197.jpg
Matt and Tegan-224.jpg
Matt and Tegan-219.jpg
Matt and Tegan-249.jpg
Matt and Tegan-257.jpg
Matt and Tegan-265.jpg
Matt and Tegan-269.jpg
Matt and Tegan-271.jpg
Matt and Tegan-289.jpg
Matt and Tegan-291.jpg
Matt and Tegan-296.jpg
Matt and Tegan-302.jpg
Matt and Tegan-366.jpg
Matt and Tegan-368.jpg
Matt and Tegan-378.jpg
Matt and Tegan-383.jpg
Matt and Tegan-412.jpg
Matt and Tegan-425.jpg
Matt and Tegan-428.jpg
Matt and Tegan-420.jpg
Matt and Tegan-449.jpg
Matt and Tegan-454.jpg
Matt and Tegan-461.jpg
Matt and Tegan-452.jpg
Matt and Tegan-469.jpg
Matt and Tegan-466.jpg
Matt and Tegan-488.jpg
Matt and Tegan-476.jpg
Matt and Tegan-473.jpg
Matt and Tegan-7.jpg
Matt and Tegan-409.jpg
Matt and Tegan-5.jpg
Matt and Tegan-494.jpg
Matt and Tegan-514.jpg
Matt and Tegan-520.jpg
Matt and Tegan-538.jpg
Matt and Tegan-556.jpg
Matt and Tegan-559.jpg
Matt and Tegan-585.jpg
Matt and Tegan-591.jpg
Matt and Tegan-594.jpg
Matt and Tegan-597.jpg
Matt and Tegan-617.jpg
Matt and Tegan-629.jpg
Matt and Tegan-526.jpg
Matt and Tegan-531.jpg
Matt and Tegan-658.jpg
Matt and Tegan-666.jpg
Matt and Tegan-678.jpg
Matt and Tegan-693.jpg
Matt and Tegan-694.jpg
Matt and Tegan-683.jpg
Matt and Tegan-712.jpg
Matt and Tegan-732.jpg
Matt and Tegan-789.jpg
Matt and Tegan-793.jpg
Matt and Tegan-796.jpg
Matt and Tegan-810.jpg
Matt and Tegan-783.jpg

Sven and Sharon's Wedding

2018 was an incredible year for me and it ended with the wedding of Sven and Sharon. The two tied the knot at Wildwood, Kangaroo Valley and it was such a great wedding to finish 2018 with. Congratulations to another beautiful couple and thank you for allowing me to be there to tell your love story.

Sven and Sharon-5.jpg
Sven and Sharon-4.jpg
Sven and Sharon-73.jpg
Sven and Sharon-77.jpg
Sven and Sharon-79.jpg
Sven and Sharon-80.jpg
Sven and Sharon-89.jpg
Sven and Sharon-105.jpg
Sven and Sharon-94.jpg
Sven and Sharon-96.jpg
Sven and Sharon-99.jpg
Sven and Sharon-20.jpg
Sven and Sharon-27.jpg
Sven and Sharon-28.jpg
Sven and Sharon-31.jpg
Sven and Sharon-34.jpg
Sven and Sharon-37.jpg
Sven and Sharon-18.jpg
Sven and Sharon-44.jpg
Sven and Sharon-41.jpg
Sven and Sharon-48.jpg
Sven and Sharon-53.jpg
Sven and Sharon-56.jpg
Sven and Sharon-59.jpg
Sven and Sharon-55.jpg
Sven and Sharon-60.jpg
Sven and Sharon-62.jpg
Sven and Sharon-120.jpg
Sven and Sharon-122.jpg
Sven and Sharon-125.jpg
Sven and Sharon-133.jpg
Sven and Sharon-131.jpg
Sven and Sharon-134.jpg
Sven and Sharon-137.jpg
Sven and Sharon-138.jpg
Sven and Sharon-139.jpg
Sven and Sharon-142.jpg
Sven and Sharon-144.jpg
Sven and Sharon-153.jpg
Sven and Sharon-151.jpg
Sven and Sharon-148.jpg
Sven and Sharon-158.jpg
Sven and Sharon-160.jpg
Sven and Sharon-164.jpg
Sven and Sharon-167.jpg
Sven and Sharon-174.jpg
Sven and Sharon-173.jpg
Sven and Sharon-183.jpg
Sven and Sharon-186.jpg
Sven and Sharon-209.jpg
Sven and Sharon-222.jpg
Sven and Sharon-218.jpg
Sven and Sharon-216.jpg
Sven and Sharon-228.jpg
Sven and Sharon-230.jpg
Sven and Sharon-246.jpg
Sven and Sharon-241.jpg
Sven and Sharon-253.jpg
Sven and Sharon-256.jpg
Sven and Sharon-252.jpg
Sven and Sharon-264.jpg
Sven and Sharon-273.jpg
Sven and Sharon-296.jpg
Sven and Sharon-294.jpg
Sven and Sharon-311.jpg
Sven and Sharon-318.jpg
Sven and Sharon-314.jpg
Sven and Sharon-321.jpg
Sven and Sharon-352.jpg
Sven and Sharon-324.jpg
Sven and Sharon-329.jpg
Sven and Sharon-332.jpg
Sven and Sharon-337.jpg
Sven and Sharon-341.jpg
Sven and Sharon-343.jpg
Sven and Sharon-361.jpg
Sven and Sharon-356.jpg
Sven and Sharon-379.jpg
Sven and Sharon-382.jpg
Sven and Sharon-395.jpg

Harper's Second Birthday Party

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!  Since our daughter’s birthday falls in December we decided to theme her second birthday party as Ice cream. We didn’t take a lot of photos because we spent our afternoon catching up with friends and family while entertaining the little ones. Here are a few we did manage to snap.

Harper's Second Birthday-110.jpg
Harper's Second Birthday-116.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-10.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-17.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-13.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-44.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-39.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-30.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-63.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-54.jpg
Harper's Second Birthday-111.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-58.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-67.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-69.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-70.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-74.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-73.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-83.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-88.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-90.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-97.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-98.jpg
Harper's Second Birthday-113.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-109.jpg

Navy Christmas Party

Last week I joined the 808 Squadron as they celebrated Christmas with their annual Navy Ball. The evening was held at Terara Park which was the perfect venue as there was plenty of shelter when the rain began. Here are some of the highlights from what was a fantastic night!


Luke and Hollea's Engagement Session

Luke and Hollea wanted to have their engagement session where they spend most of their time together, the beach. We met in Sussex Inlet early on Sunday morning, and strolled around the beach together. I was able to capture some pretty nice photos of these two having a great time with one another. They even incorporated their pet dog into the session, because why not! Here are some of the highlights.

Luke and Hollea-1.jpg
Luke and Hollea-6.jpg
Luke and Hollea-9.jpg
Luke and Hollea-13.jpg
Luke and Hollea-18.jpg
Luke and Hollea-19.jpg
Luke and Hollea-27.jpg
Luke and Hollea-28.jpg
Luke and Hollea-48.jpg
Luke and Hollea-30.jpg
Luke and Hollea-33.jpg
Luke and Hollea-39.jpg