Nest Residential Barrengarry

If you follow my blog you would know that I have been working with the team at Nest Residential Design to photograph a portfolio of their amazing work. The photos below are from my most recent shoot of a home they designed in Barrengarry, NSW. Some of the photos were taken by drone to showcase the incredible location of the property. The shoot started at 4pm and concluded with some twilight shots.

Thank you for following my photo journey!

95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-23.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-21.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-22.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-26.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-27.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-25.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-2.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-3.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-7.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-6.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-16.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-17.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-18.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-19.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-10.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-11.jpg

The Madge Family

Last week, I was able to photograph The Madge Family! They had seen one of my previous shoots at Bangalee so they wanted to have their photos taken in the same place. Here are a few of my favourites from our Sunday together. What cheeky little girls!

Jodi Madge-2.jpg
Jodi Madge-5.jpg
Jodi Madge-9.jpg
Jodi Madge-11.jpg
Jodi Madge-18.jpg
Jodi Madge-20.jpg
Jodi Madge-21.jpg
Jodi Madge-26.jpg
Jodi Madge-36.jpg
Jodi Madge-28.jpg
Jodi Madge-40.jpg
Jodi Madge-47.jpg
Jodi Madge-44.jpg

Competition Winners!

Congratulations on Tim and Olivia on winning my recent giveaway!

The couple had such a sweet engagement session at Huskisson, NSW last week. We hadn’t met in person yet, so it was a great opportunity to get to know them a little better. We had the most perfect afternoon and the whole beach to ourselves. I’m so excited for their wedding at Pyree next year!

Olivia Patterson-46.jpg
Olivia Patterson-2.jpg
Olivia Patterson-4.jpg
Olivia Patterson-5.jpg
Olivia Patterson-15.jpg
Olivia Patterson-19.jpg
Olivia Patterson-8.jpg
Olivia Patterson-31.jpg
Olivia Patterson-33.jpg
Olivia Patterson-39.jpg

The Resch Wedding

The story of Aaron and Brittney is unique. The couple met in Sydney, after swiping right on Tinder. Later that night Brittney introduced Aaron to her family, and it was in this moment the couple just knew. From then, the two have been inseparable and Aaron wasted no time in proposing to the girl of his dreams. Their wedding was held in our hometown, Sussex Inlet and every tiny detail was perfect. That’s thanks to these legends below:

Venue: Kullindi Homestead, Sussex Inlet
Styling: Hoorah Events
Marquee: Shoalhaven Party Hire
Florist: Gypsy Carmen
Makeup: Makeup by Frances and Brigette Alana Makeup Artistry
Hair: Hair by Shannon Glennan
Tan: The Native Tan
Catering: Rabbit and Co Catering
Bar: Henry Clive Caravan Bar
Band: The Swaggers
Videographer: The Dreams Collective

We can’t thank Brittney and Aaron enough for their hospitality on the day. Congratulations guys, you did it!

Aaron and Brittany-158.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-165.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-176.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-154.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-181.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-192.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-191.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-184.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-182.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-180.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-77.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-25.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-42.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-81.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-112.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-71.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-118.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-120.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-151.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-171.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-87.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-91.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-97.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-98.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-143.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-145.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-148.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-146.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-201.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-209.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-212.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-155.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-214.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-220.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-246.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-247.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-262.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-268.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-296.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-285.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-531.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-473.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-205.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-303.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-314.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-306.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-342.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-364.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-366.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-378.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-388.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-379.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-395.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-402.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-410.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-412.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-413.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-437.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-447.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-450.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-455.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-457.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-516.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-537.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-547.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-566.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-553.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-561.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-570.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-573.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-586.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-591.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-597.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-602.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-615.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-616.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-625.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-630.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-670.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-665.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-676.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-656.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-686.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-688.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-692.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-694.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-707.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-712.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-759.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-509.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-480.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-745.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-721.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-512.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-770.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-783.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-772.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-769.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-787.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-798.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-810.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-831.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-819.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-839.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-817.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-822.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-814.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-943.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-930.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-892.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-882.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-862.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-960.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-951.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-954.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-959.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-944.jpg
Aaron and Brittany-879.jpg

Two Rings Make A Wright

Jessee and Lisa got married a few weeks ago in Bawley Point. We were so nervous on our drive down the coast because the forecast wasn’t looking good, either were the dark clouds overhead. With no wet weather plan in place the couples friends and families braved the rain for the beach ceremony but as it got heavier the wedding relocated to the balcony of the reception venue. Despite the stormy weather the couple spent the entire day focusing on their love for each other and the unique bond they share. During the ceremony Lisa read two versions of her vows; the first to her husband and the second to her now stepdaughter. It was in this moment you could feel so much love and emotion in the room as the majority of the guests (and photographers) began to cry.

Natalie and I left this intimate wedding feeling so privileged to have not only documented the day but to have joined in the celebration of the this beautiful marriage.

Jessee and Lisa-13.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-26.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-34.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-35.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-41.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-49.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-65.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-71.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-74.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-80.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-251.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-287.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-88.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-91.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-278.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-100.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-119.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-161.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-162.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-156.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-154.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-183.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-338.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-341.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-173.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-167.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-347.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-207.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-212.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-262.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-264.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-245.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-282.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-277.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-424.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-427.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-464.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-363.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-383.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-318.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-450.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-496.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-499.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-559.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-575.jpg
Jessee and Lisa-574.jpg

Rhys and Dominique's Sydney Wedding

It was our absolute pleasure to be apart of Rhys and Dominique’s wedding at Lauriston House, Dundas Valley where they celebrated their love with family and friends. We started our day alternating between the bride and groom in Chatswood before heading off to the ceremony at St Mary’s Hunters Hill.

Despite the unfortunate weather, we were able to capture some beautiful moments when the rain settled. It was so beautiful to see the couple’s daughter Aria celebrating with her parents. Another awesome wedding for the season!

Rhys and Dom-39.jpg
Rhys and Dom-53.jpg
Rhys and Dom-229.jpg
Rhys and Dom-56.jpg
Rhys and Dom-166.jpg
Rhys and Dom-122.jpg
Rhys and Dom-123.jpg
Rhys and Dom-209.jpg
Rhys and Dom-73.jpg
Rhys and Dom-84.jpg
Rhys and Dom-185.jpg
Rhys and Dom-128.jpg
Rhys and Dom-118.jpg
Rhys and Dom-240.jpg
Rhys and Dom-136.jpg
Rhys and Dom-217.jpg
Rhys and Dom-193.jpg
Rhys and Dom-100.jpg
Rhys and Dom-125.jpg
Rhys and Dom-197.jpg
Rhys and Dom-203.jpg
Rhys and Dom-207.jpg
Rhys and Dom-226.jpg
Rhys and Dom-241.jpg
Rhys and Dom-327.jpg
Rhys and Dom-434.jpg
Rhys and Dom-428.jpg
Rhys and Dom-309.jpg
Rhys and Dom-308.jpg
Rhys and Dom-320.jpg
Rhys and Dom-330.jpg
Rhys and Dom-463.jpg
Rhys and Dom-358.jpg
Rhys and Dom-332.jpg
Rhys and Dom-360.jpg
Rhys and Dom-364.jpg
Rhys and Dom-365.jpg
Rhys and Dom-375.jpg
Rhys and Dom-388.jpg
Rhys and Dom-395.jpg
Rhys and Dom-397.jpg
Rhys and Dom-422.jpg
Rhys and Dom-481.jpg
Rhys and Dom-408.jpg
Rhys and Dom-414.jpg
Rhys and Dom-443.jpg
Rhys and Dom-485.jpg
Rhys and Dom-497.jpg
Rhys and Dom-513.jpg
Rhys and Dom-512.jpg
Rhys and Dom-500.jpg
Rhys and Dom-524.jpg
Rhys and Dom-525.jpg
Rhys and Dom-532.jpg
Rhys and Dom-537.jpg
Rhys and Dom-542.jpg
Rhys and Dom-559.jpg
Rhys and Dom-561.jpg
Rhys and Dom-579.jpg
Rhys and Dom-575.jpg
Rhys and Dom-622.jpg
Rhys and Dom-681.jpg
Rhys and Dom-690.jpg

Nest Residential Bomaderry Project

This is an exciting post for me because my recent shoot of this beautiful home marks my third visit to the property. I first photographed this property last year, the day after the concrete had been poured. I returned once the roof went on for some progress drone shots. Seeing the end result and combined effort of designers Nest Residential, frame by Go Steel Building Products, build by KNK and roof by Enhance has been so satisfying.

I have decided to include some of the before shots in this post to show you how far it’s come since my visit last year!

Nest - Rob and Emma-1.jpg
Nest - Rob and Emma-2.jpg
Nest - Rob and Emma-3.jpg
Nest - Rob and Emma-4.jpg

Right after the roof went on.

Enhance - Gladioli Vista-18.jpg
Enhance - Gladioli Vista-1.jpg

The day after the concrete slab had been poured.


Sanctuary Point Private Sale

I don’t usually share a lot of my real estate work on my blog but thought I would make an exception for this property I photographed earlier in the week. This four bedroom home in Sanctuary Point was such a pleasure to shoot because of it’s immaculate presentation and interior styling. This is a privately listed property entering the market very soon, if interested please send me an email and I would be happy to pass on the owners details.

Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-1.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-3.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-11.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-17.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-15.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-20.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-19.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-14.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-16.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-6.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-18.jpg

Nest Residential Design

Below are some of the photos I took on my recent visit to the Nest Residential Design office in Nowra, NSW. Over the coming months I will be joining the team to show you some of their incredible projects, so keep an eye out.

Thanks guys for a morning full of laughs!

NEST Team Portraits-9.jpg
NEST Team Portraits-1.jpg
NEST Team Portraits-2.jpg
NEST Team Portraits-8.jpg
NEST Team Portraits-3.jpg
NEST Team Portraits-5.jpg
NEST Team Portraits(lores)-6.jpg
NEST Team Portraits-7.jpg
NEST Team Portraits-12.jpg
NEST Team Portraits-20.jpg

Kate Inglish Designs

A couple of weeks ago I caught up with the owner of the Kate Inglish Designs store again. This time we weren’t taking photos of her little family at Terara, we were photographing her brand new store. Kate opened her new boutique opposite her old store in the Morrison’s Arcade in Nowra and wow does it impress. The fit out is incredible and she has so much new stock! I decided not to share all the photos, so if you want to see more of this beautiful store follow @kateinglishdesigns on instagram.

Kate Inglish-25.jpg
Kate Inglish-1.jpg
Kate Inglish-3.jpg
Kate Inglish-6.jpg
Kate Inglish-47.jpg
Kate Inglish-11.jpg
Kate Inglish-12.jpg
Kate Inglish-39.jpg
Kate Inglish-63.jpg
Kate Inglish-49.jpg
Kate Inglish-60.jpg

Family photos in Jervis Bay

Having grown up on the South Coast I really love taking people to the beach for their portraits. As a photographer I am so spoilt for locations to shoot and most of the year I get to take clients to empty beaches. It’s such a joy to spend my weekends getting to know so many great people.

Monique George-20.jpg
Monique George-72.jpg
Monique George-89.jpg
Monique George-12.jpg
Monique George-49.jpg
Monique George-66.jpg
Monique George-160.jpg
Monique George-151.jpg
Monique George-157.jpg
Monique George-179.jpg
Monique George-128.jpg
Monique George-188.jpg
Monique George-194.jpg
Monique George-195.jpg

Brad and Leannes Surprise Wedding

In late July I was lucky enough to photograph Brad and Leanne’s wedding in Greenwell Point. Their wedding was like no other I have been to, because it was a surprise! The couple pulled off a great celebration with close friends and family and I was so grateful to be there to capture it all unfold.

Brad and Leanne-1.jpg
Brad and Leanne-3.jpg
Brad and Leanne-15.jpg
Brad and Leanne-32.jpg
Brad and Leanne-47.jpg
Brad and Leanne-70.jpg
Brad and Leanne-73.jpg
Brad and Leanne-87.jpg
Brad and Leanne-106.jpg
Brad and Leanne-108.jpg
Brad and Leanne-118.jpg
Brad and Leanne-184.jpg
Brad and Leanne-174.jpg
Brad and Leanne-201.jpg
Brad and Leanne-216.jpg
Brad and Leanne-285.jpg
Brad and Leanne-301.jpg
Brad and Leanne-304.jpg
Brad and Leanne-359.jpg

Shoalhaven Heads Property For Sale

While I’m catching up on some blogging I thought I would share a property I recently photographed in Shoalhaven Heads. This three bedroom home is on the market with Raine and Horne Shoalhaven Heads and was styled by Studio Lionheart. You can view the listing details by clicking this link.

20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-17.jpg
20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-22.jpg
20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-24.jpg
20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-1.jpg
20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-3.jpg
20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-5.jpg
20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-11.jpg
20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-15.jpg
20 Amundsen Ave, Shoalhaven Heads [hires]-16.jpg

Ulladulla Airbnb

Here are some photos from my recent visit to Ulladulla. I went down to photograph a privately owned property that is rented out for holiday accomodation. This immaculate waterfront property offers guests all the creature comforts of home.

I am starting to do a lot more work on the South Coast for home owners looking to rent their properties through sites like Stayz and Airbnb.

Jules Barry (lores)-15.jpg
Jules Barry (lores)-18.jpg
Re Edit (hires)-1.jpg
Jules Barry (hires)-7.jpg
Jules Barry (hires)-8.jpg
Jules Barry (hires)-9.jpg
Jules Barry (hires)-10.jpg
Jules Barry (hires)-11.jpg

Nowra High Year 12 Formal 2018

Here are some of the highlights from the Nowra High Year 12 Formal. The formal was held at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre and was a fantastic night. Congratulations on graduating and best of luck in the HSC.

NHS - Class of 2018-55.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-36.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-45.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-41.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-17.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-67.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-70.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-72.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-73.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-78.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-89.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-93.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-97.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-107.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-119.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-120.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-123.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-129.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-133.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-143.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-164.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-172.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-171.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-213.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-206.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-228.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-229.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-231.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-244.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-257.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-247.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-347.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-268.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-270.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-288.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-382.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-377.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-389.jpg
NHS - Class of 2018-396.jpg

Shoalhaven High Year 12 Formal 2018

Here are some of the highlights from the Shoalhaven High Year 12 Formal. Natalie and I had a great time meeting all the students and celebrating their graduation with them. Congratulations on graduating and best of luck in the HSC.

SHS - Class of 2018-43.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-2.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-9.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-14.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-13.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-25.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-33.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-19.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-34.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-35.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-41.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-52.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-53.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-44.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-125.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-176.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-252.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-226.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-189.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-215.jpg
SHS - Class of 2018-278.jpg

Ryan and Lucy's Wedding

Lucy and Ryan’s wedding was photographed by me a few weeks ago at the beautiful Worrowing Estate. What I like most about afternoon weddings is that the celebrations begin right after the ceremony and guests aren’t left wondering what to do to fill the gap before the reception. When you get married at Worrowing, there are so many great photo spots in walking distance.

Thank you Ryan and Lucy for allowing me to document your wedding, I loved being a part of your day and celebrating with your friends and family.

Lucy and Ryan-1.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-90.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-81.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-38.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-97.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-42.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-48.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-120.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-124.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-130.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-135.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-137.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-138.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-147.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-160.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-162.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-165.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-169.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-173.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-176.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-183.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-186.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-194.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-224.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-203.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-216.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-266.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-241.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-246.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-278.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-328.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-398.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-405.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-413.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-415.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-418.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-409.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-439.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-446.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-462.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-537.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-608.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-603.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-610.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-615.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-623.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-636.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-641.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-650.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-652.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-672.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-659.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-684.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-693.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-704.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-718.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-725.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-726.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-803.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-731.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-755.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-764.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-857.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-913.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-898.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-866.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-947.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-931.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-954.jpg

Zoe and Chad's Family Session

I met up with Chad, Zoe and their boys to snap up some memories of their family at Greenfield’s Beach in Jervis Bay. As always, I had such a great time getting to know each of them. Over the next couple of months I will be back here a lot, as I have many family sessions booked in preparation for Christmas.

Zoe and Chad-6.jpg
Zoe and Chad-29.jpg
Zoe and Chad-12.jpg
Zoe and Chad-45.jpg
Zoe and Chad-56.jpg
Zoe and Chad-24.jpg
Zoe and Chad-63.jpg
Zoe and Chad-68.jpg
Zoe and Chad-79.jpg
Zoe and Chad-88.jpg
Zoe and Chad-99.jpg
Zoe and Chad-105.jpg
Zoe and Chad-135.jpg
Zoe and Chad-110.jpg
Zoe and Chad-108.jpg

Justyn and Jasmine's Wedding

I had an amazing time photographing Justyn and Jasmine’s wedding earlier this month. The couple had their ceremony and reception at Cambewarra Estate Winery, which made the perfect backdrop for their wedding portraits. Thank you to this lovely couple and their families for including me in such a special time in your lives.

Jasmine and Justyn-59.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-54.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-83.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-121.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-125.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-170.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-226.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-228.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-239.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-322.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-321.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-378.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-393.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-407.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-421.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-420.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-381.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-432.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-483.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-489.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-507.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-497.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-531.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-558.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-559.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-553.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-574.jpg

Damian and Elise's Wedding

Damian and Elise got married at the Kiama Anglican church and had their reception at the Kembla Golf Club. Once the ceremony was over the couple made their way to the golf course with their bridal party to ride in the golf carts. The whole day was a heap of fun and I was made to feel so welcome by their friends and family. 

Here are a few of my favourite photos from Damian and Elise’s big day. 

Elise and Damian-72.jpg
Elise and Damian-114.jpg
Elise and Damian-95.jpg
Elise and Damian-149.jpg
Elise and Damian-176.jpg
Elise and Damian-178.jpg
Elise and Damian-186.jpg
Elise and Damian-225.jpg
Elise and Damian-246.jpg
Elise and Damian-242.jpg
Elise and Damian-237.jpg
Elise and Damian-266.jpg
Elise and Damian-330.jpg
Elise and Damian-288.jpg
Elise and Damian-291.jpg
Elise and Damian-279.jpg
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