Hunter's 6th Birthday

Parties were never this good when I was a kid! My nephew Hunter celebrated his 6th birthday, with all of his closest friends and family coming together to make his day a memorable one. Here are some of the highlights!

Hunter's 6th Birthday-2.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-8.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-9.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-7.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-19.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-20.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-26.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-31.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-32.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-34.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-42.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-39.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-51.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-46.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-55.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-56.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-59.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-63.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-67.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-68.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-71.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-74.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-78.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-82.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-87.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-105.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-91.jpg
Hunter's 6th Birthday-111.jpg

James and Sam's Kiama Wedding

Samantha and James created the perfect beachside celebration with their nearest and dearest friends last week. They had a traditional church ceremony at the Kiama Catholic Church followed by a sit-down reception at The Pavilion. Their reception venue is positioned on the headland overlooking Kiama’s Surf Beach and has spectacular water views. Their wedding was such a fun celebration and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple to spend a day with, two people so deserving of the love they have found.

Ceremony Venue: Kiama Catholic Church
Priest: Father Simon Apablaza
Reception Venue: Kiama Pavilion
MC: Justin Stevenson
Florist: Wildflower Floral Stylists Wollongong
Entertainment: Oberon Lane
Hair Stylist: Holliewood Hair and Beauty
Makeup Artist: Kady Foley
Lawn Games: A Game Of Love
Videographer: Yesterday Videography

James and Samantha-1.jpg
James and Samantha-7.jpg
James and Samantha-9.jpg
James and Samantha-33.jpg
James and Samantha-10.jpg
James and Samantha-13.jpg
James and Samantha-16.jpg
James and Samantha-18.jpg
James and Samantha-25.jpg
James and Samantha-30.jpg
James and Samantha-31.jpg
James and Samantha-38.jpg
James and Samantha-53.jpg
James and Samantha-41.jpg
James and Samantha-56.jpg
James and Samantha-55.jpg
James and Samantha-73.jpg
James and Samantha-84.jpg
James and Samantha-88.jpg
James and Samantha-91.jpg
James and Samantha-92.jpg
James and Samantha-95.jpg
James and Samantha-97.jpg
James and Samantha-122.jpg
James and Samantha-140.jpg
James and Samantha-137.jpg
James and Samantha-134.jpg
James and Samantha-143.jpg
James and Samantha-145.jpg
James and Samantha-166.jpg
James and Samantha-168.jpg
James and Samantha-171.jpg
James and Samantha-185.jpg
James and Samantha-177.jpg
James and Samantha-187.jpg
James and Samantha-198.jpg
James and Samantha-201.jpg
James and Samantha-202.jpg
James and Samantha-206.jpg
James and Samantha-208.jpg
James and Samantha-219.jpg
James and Samantha-210.jpg
James and Samantha-211.jpg
James and Samantha-245.jpg
James and Samantha-223.jpg
James and Samantha-226.jpg
James and Samantha-233.jpg
James and Samantha-239.jpg
James and Samantha-243.jpg
James and Samantha-246.jpg
James and Samantha-251.jpg
James and Samantha-256.jpg
James and Samantha-262.jpg
James and Samantha-277.jpg
James and Samantha-279.jpg
James and Samantha-281.jpg
James and Samantha-285.jpg
James and Samantha-293.jpg
James and Samantha-306.jpg
James and Samantha-307.jpg
James and Samantha-310.jpg
James and Samantha-312.jpg
James and Samantha-301.jpg
James and Samantha-314.jpg
James and Samantha-318.jpg
James and Samantha-320.jpg
James and Samantha-324.jpg
James and Samantha-345.jpg
James and Samantha-348.jpg
James and Samantha-349.jpg
James and Samantha-353.jpg
James and Samantha-361.jpg
James and Samantha-365.jpg
James and Samantha-371.jpg
James and Samantha-378.jpg
James and Samantha-380.jpg
James and Samantha-381.jpg
James and Samantha-386.jpg
James and Samantha-389.jpg
James and Samantha-392.jpg
James and Samantha-396.jpg
James and Samantha-406.jpg
James and Samantha-429.jpg
James and Samantha-430.jpg
James and Samantha-422.jpg
James and Samantha-426.jpg
James and Samantha-431.jpg
James and Samantha-427.jpg
James and Samantha-437.jpg
James and Samantha-439.jpg
James and Samantha-475.jpg
James and Samantha-476.jpg
James and Samantha-459.jpg
James and Samantha-484.jpg
James and Samantha-488.jpg
James and Samantha-490.jpg
James and Samantha-492.jpg
James and Samantha-495.jpg
James and Samantha-503.jpg
James and Samantha-506.jpg

Brendon and Lisa's Culburra Wedding

Brendon and Lisa chose to have a simple coastal ceremony at Culburra Beach with close family and friends surrounding them as they said their “i do’s”. It was a gorgeous afternoon and everyone was so excited as they anticipated Lisa’s arrival. They had a perfectly intimate ceremony which was followed by a fun filled reception at the Culburra Surf Lifesaving Club. We spent minimal time taking portraits as the couple wanted to spend as much time with their guests as possible. Brendon and Lisa felt the celebration was not only about their marriage but the joining of two circles of friends and family. I loved being a part of this beautiful wedding by the sea.

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Culburra Surf Lifesaving Club
Celebrant: Merry McGinn
Florist: Blooming Occasions
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Holliewood Hair and Beauty
Woodfire Pizza: Wandering Woodfire Pizza
Entertainment: Moovin Music

Brendon and Lisa-1.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-13.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-9.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-24.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-43.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-45.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-106.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-48.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-91.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-101.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-54.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-113.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-124.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-128.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-153.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-155.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-154.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-160.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-163.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-203.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-204.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-209.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-218.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-220.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-224.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-231.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-238.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-244.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-245.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-247.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-250.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-346.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-347.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-349.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-343.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-282.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-353.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-356.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-358.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-364.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-382.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-386.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-394.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-396.jpg
Brendon and Lisa-407.jpg

Family Shoot at Greenfield's Beach

Lauren brought her family to have portraits at Greenfield’s Beach earlier this month in Jervis Bay. We took some nice family photos and some photos of the kids running around the beach having a good time. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon at one of my favourite spots on the South Coast, cool blue water, white sand and unique rocks that meet the national park.

Lauren Rabey-89.jpg
Lauren Rabey-3.jpg
Lauren Rabey-1.jpg
Lauren Rabey-84.jpg
Lauren Rabey-86.jpg
Lauren Rabey-59.jpg
Lauren Rabey-27.jpg
Lauren Rabey-21.jpg
Lauren Rabey-71.jpg
Lauren Rabey-39.jpg
Lauren Rabey-37.jpg
Lauren Rabey-13.jpg

Fletcher and Tegan's Wedding

Fletcher and Tegan’s wedding was absolutely amazing to photograph. They had their traditional ceremony at Bulli Kingdom Hall followed by an afternoon reception at Crooked River Wines. The couple decided to have their bridal portraits on a friends property in Jamberoo, which was a first for me! I loved witnessing the start of their marriage and I was made feel so welcome by their friends and family.

Ceremony Venue: Bulli Kingdom Hall
Reception Venue:
Crooked River Wines
Flowers on the Mill
Hair Stylist:
Maya Smith
Makeup Artist:
Ella and Me
Made With Love from Lily Grace Bridal

Fletcher and Tegan-3.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-7.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-4.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-2.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-14.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-63.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-16.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-35.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-47.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-24.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-43.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-50.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-52.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-55.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-58.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-59.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-61.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-65.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-75.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-68.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-71.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-85.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-101.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-102.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-106.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-111.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-113.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-114.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-117.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-120.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-125.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-129.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-132.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-136.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-137.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-139.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-140.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-145.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-151.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-153.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-156.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-162.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-167.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-177.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-182.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-185.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-189.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-196.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-190.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-223.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-219.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-224.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-233.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-234.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-245.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-253.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-256.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-258.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-263.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-268.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-265.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-274.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-277.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-282.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-290.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-296.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-247.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-303.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-334.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-304.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-344.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-346.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-353.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-347.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-358.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-361.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-369.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-373.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-387.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-386.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-383.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-394.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-396.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-397.jpg
Fletcher and Tegan-408.jpg

James and Erin's Hunter Valley Wedding

James and Erin had a perfectly intimate wedding at Redleaf in Wollombi with their closest family and friends. They were lucky that the rain stayed away for most of the day which allowed them to have an outdoor ceremony followed by drinks and grazing platters in the beautiful gardens on the property. The afternoon was followed by a traditional sit down reception in a stunning sperry tent filled ambient lighting and lush floral installations. The night was full of hilarious speeches and a whole heap of dancing to live music. What a wedding! 

Venue: Redleaf Wollombi, Hunter Valley
Flowers and Styling: The Wedding Designers
Tent hire: Katalane Event Hire
Hair Stylist: Erin Redgrove
Makeup Artist: Kathryn Curtin 
Gown: Eternal Bridal Australia
Llama Hire: The Llama Collective
Live Music: Red Soda Band
Celebrant: Friend - Christie
MC: Friend - Lloyd
Catering: Eden Catering
Cake: Michelle The Cake Chef 

James and Erin-59.jpg
James and Erin-70.jpg
James and Erin-71.jpg
James and Erin-55.jpg
James and Erin-131.jpg
James and Erin-132.jpg
James and Erin-134.jpg
James and Erin-21.jpg
James and Erin-18.jpg
James and Erin-29.jpg
James and Erin-93.jpg
James and Erin-79.jpg
James and Erin-85.jpg
James and Erin-88.jpg
James and Erin-102.jpg
James and Erin-34.jpg
James and Erin-2.jpg
James and Erin-17.jpg
James and Erin-118.jpg
James and Erin-160.jpg
James and Erin-158.jpg
James and Erin-164.jpg
James and Erin-185.jpg
James and Erin-187.jpg
James and Erin-192.jpg
James and Erin-237.jpg
James and Erin-203.jpg
James and Erin-205.jpg
James and Erin-219.jpg
James and Erin-225.jpg
James and Erin-215.jpg
James and Erin-235.jpg
James and Erin-228.jpg
James and Erin-238.jpg
James and Erin-236.jpg
James and Erin-252.jpg
James and Erin-267.jpg
James and Erin-278.jpg
James and Erin-280.jpg
James and Erin-290.jpg
James and Erin-296.jpg
James and Erin-305.jpg
James and Erin-308.jpg
James and Erin-319.jpg
James and Erin-320.jpg
James and Erin-337.jpg
James and Erin-341.jpg
James and Erin-345.jpg
James and Erin-353.jpg
James and Erin-355.jpg
James and Erin-360.jpg
James and Erin-366.jpg
James and Erin-375.jpg
James and Erin-383.jpg
James and Erin-392.jpg
James and Erin-395.jpg
James and Erin-400.jpg
James and Erin-403.jpg
James and Erin-407.jpg
James and Erin-410.jpg
James and Erin-405.jpg
James and Erin-107.jpg
James and Erin-110.jpg
James and Erin-446.jpg
James and Erin-449.jpg
James and Erin-451.jpg
James and Erin-481.jpg
James and Erin-488.jpg
James and Erin-406.jpg
James and Erin-548.jpg
James and Erin-550.jpg
James and Erin-12.jpg
James and Erin-113.jpg
James and Erin-545.jpg
James and Erin-536.jpg
James and Erin-566.jpg
James and Erin-575.jpg
James and Erin-492.jpg
James and Erin-577.jpg
James and Erin-580.jpg
James and Erin-583.jpg
James and Erin-592.jpg
James and Erin-597.jpg
James and Erin-601.jpg
James and Erin-604.jpg

Shaun and Bridgette's Bawley Point Wedding

Shaun and Bridgette had an incredible summer wedding in February this year. I love shooting weddings in summer because the days are longer and we are blessed with that golden light in the early evening. The two celebrated the biggest day of their lives at Bawley Bush Retreat, which is the perfect rustic venue set amongst an authentic Australian landscape. The whole day was about the unique love they share for one another and all the people surrounding them. Congratulations to you both!

Venue: Bawley Bush Retreat
Flowers and Styling: Firefly Events
Hair Stylist: Rhiannan Ward
Makeup Artist: Kimi Sanders
Gown: Annabel's Bridal Studio
Music: David McDonnell
Celebrant: Judy Filmer-Smith
MC: Steve Millard
Catering: South Ulladulla Meat Market

Shaun and Bridgette-71.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-38.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-33.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-75.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-77.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-74.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-84.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-111.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-120.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-104.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-94.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-103.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-89.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-125.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-133.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-135.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-147.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-139.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-160.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-166.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-168.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-169.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-172.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-181.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-187.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-193.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-207.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-209.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-211.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-229.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-232.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-240.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-242.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-255.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-259.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-265.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-262.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-272.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-276.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-286.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-302.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-304.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-312.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-326.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-329.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-334.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-426.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-427.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-430.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-434.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-438.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-454.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-461.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-465.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-472.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-491.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-496.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-500.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-508.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-512.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-531.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-537.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-536.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-527.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-550.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-553.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-563.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-542.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-560.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-566.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-575.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-577.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-589.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-593.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-605.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-638.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-639.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-622.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-651.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-641.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-665.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-653.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-662.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-671.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-687.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-672.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-684.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-695.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-699.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-688.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-709.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-702.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-750.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-773.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-774.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-712.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-716.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-717.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-721.jpg
Shaun and Bridgette-719.jpg

Surfside Cudmirrah Beach

Over the last few months I have been working with the team at Surfside Cudmirrah to photograph the family owned and operated holiday park. Surfside Cudmirrah is located on Cudmirrah Beach which is right between Berara and Sussex Inlet and surrounded by Conjola National Park. Here are some of the my favourite images from their new marketing campaign.

To find out more about this coastal accomodation or to book, you can visit their website here.

Surfside Cudmirrah Beach(hires)-2.jpg
Surfside 3rd Shoot-4.jpg
Surfside 3rd Shoot-5.jpg
Surfside Cudmirrah Beach(hires)-19.jpg
Surfside Cudmirrah Beach(hires)-21.jpg
Surfside Cudmirrah Beach(hires)-22.jpg
Surfside Cudmirrah Beach(hires)-23.jpg
Surfside Second Shoot-1.jpg
Surfside Cudmirrah Beach(lores)-9.jpg
Surfside Second Shoot-78.jpg
Surfside Second Shoot-91.jpg
Surfside Second Shoot-72.jpg
Surfside Second Shoot-64.jpg
Surfside Second Shoot-50.jpg
Surfside 3rd Shoot-10.jpg
Surfside 3rd Shoot-12.jpg
Surfside 3rd Shoot-13.jpg

Trent and Nadine's Wedding

Trent and Nadine's wedding was traditional in many ways but oh so much fun! These newlyweds are so easy to be around and their wedding was a reflection of their fun and relaxed personalities. They tied the knot in the beautiful courtyard at The Mercure Gerringong which is where they also had their reception. It wasn't just the amazing venue or styling of the wedding that made the day so special it was the energy you could feel in the room, a true celebration of love by all the friends and family surrounding the couple. 

Venue: Mercure Gerringong
On the day coordination: BB Event Planning
Flowers: Ivy Lane Collective
Styling: The Wedding and Event Creators
Decorations: Ssdecor Ulladulla
Hair Stylist: B Elite
Makeup Artist: Kayla K Makeup
Gown: Storybook Bridal
Music and MC: TJ Productions
Celebrant: Adam Straney
Videographer: Two Folk Films
Cake: Sweet Art Creations

Trent and Nadine-36.jpg
Trent and Nadine-50.jpg
Trent and Nadine-28.jpg
Trent and Nadine-61.jpg
Trent and Nadine-69.jpg
Trent and Nadine-106.jpg
Trent and Nadine-104.jpg
Trent and Nadine-123.jpg
Trent and Nadine-130.jpg
Trent and Nadine-132.jpg
Trent and Nadine-182.jpg
Trent and Nadine-196.jpg
Trent and Nadine-176.jpg
Trent and Nadine-341.jpg
Trent and Nadine-204.jpg
Trent and Nadine-211.jpg
Trent and Nadine-217.jpg
Trent and Nadine-243.jpg
Trent and Nadine-252.jpg
Trent and Nadine-255.jpg
Trent and Nadine-260.jpg
Trent and Nadine-284.jpg
Trent and Nadine-263.jpg
Trent and Nadine-296.jpg
Trent and Nadine-299.jpg
Trent and Nadine-306.jpg
Trent and Nadine-303.jpg
Trent and Nadine-312.jpg
Trent and Nadine-324.jpg
Trent and Nadine-326.jpg
Trent and Nadine-337.jpg
Trent and Nadine-345.jpg
Trent and Nadine-346.jpg
Trent and Nadine-394.jpg
Trent and Nadine-406.jpg
Trent and Nadine-416.jpg
Trent and Nadine-436.jpg
Trent and Nadine-425.jpg
Trent and Nadine-446.jpg
Trent and Nadine-448.jpg
Trent and Nadine-451.jpg
Trent and Nadine-452.jpg
Trent and Nadine-454.jpg
Trent and Nadine-460.jpg
Trent and Nadine-475.jpg
Trent and Nadine-478.jpg
Trent and Nadine-467.jpg
Trent and Nadine-486.jpg
Trent and Nadine-491.jpg
Trent and Nadine-484.jpg
Trent and Nadine-492.jpg
Trent and Nadine-494.jpg
Trent and Nadine-496.jpg
Trent and Nadine-497.jpg
Trent and Nadine-500.jpg
Trent and Nadine-510.jpg
Trent and Nadine-521.jpg
Trent and Nadine-544.jpg
Trent and Nadine-545.jpg
Trent and Nadine-562.jpg
Trent and Nadine-565.jpg
Trent and Nadine-571.jpg
Trent and Nadine-573.jpg
Trent and Nadine-585.jpg
Trent and Nadine-590.jpg
Trent and Nadine-556.jpg
Trent and Nadine-601.jpg
Trent and Nadine-603.jpg
Trent and Nadine-612.jpg
Trent and Nadine-613.jpg
Trent and Nadine-619.jpg

James and Natasha's Kiama Wedding

James and Natasha’s wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. The two got married on the South Coast because it is where the bride Natasha grew up. They said “I do” in front of the harbour at Kiama surrounded by their family, close friends and their son William. After the portraits were taken they joined their guests for a night of laughs, dancing and some incredible live music. It’s always hard to pick my favourite photos from weddings, but I’ve managed it down. Enjoy!

Venue: The Pavilion, Kiama
Celebrant/ MC: Adam Straney
Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Flowers: Botanic Art
Hair stylist: Absolute Hair by Tia
Makeup: Goodness Gracious Beauty
Furniture Hire: South Coast party Hire
Neon Light Hire: Sammy and Lola
Band: The Baker Boys Band

James and Natasha-35.jpg
James and Natasha-25.jpg
James and Natasha-16.jpg
James and Natasha-158.jpg
James and Natasha-160.jpg
James and Natasha-161.jpg
James and Natasha-175.jpg
James and Natasha-179.jpg
James and Natasha-184.jpg
James and Natasha-189.jpg
James and Natasha-194.jpg
James and Natasha-199.jpg
James and Natasha-58.jpg
James and Natasha-70.jpg
James and Natasha-61.jpg
James and Natasha-85.jpg
James and Natasha-106.jpg
James and Natasha-127.jpg
James and Natasha-119.jpg
James and Natasha-113.jpg
James and Natasha-138.jpg
James and Natasha-224.jpg
James and Natasha-217.jpg
James and Natasha-228.jpg
James and Natasha-232.jpg
James and Natasha-227.jpg
James and Natasha-240.jpg
James and Natasha-243.jpg
James and Natasha-256.jpg
James and Natasha-257.jpg
James and Natasha-277.jpg
James and Natasha-272.jpg
James and Natasha-296.jpg
James and Natasha-300.jpg
James and Natasha-307.jpg
James and Natasha-310.jpg
James and Natasha-316.jpg
James and Natasha-320.jpg
James and Natasha-328.jpg
James and Natasha-343.jpg
James and Natasha-350.jpg
James and Natasha-352.jpg
James and Natasha-357.jpg
James and Natasha-359.jpg
James and Natasha-367.jpg
James and Natasha-369.jpg
James and Natasha-371.jpg
James and Natasha-375.jpg
James and Natasha-386.jpg
James and Natasha Drone-2.jpg
James and Natasha Drone-8.jpg
James and Natasha-428.jpg
James and Natasha-439.jpg
James and Natasha-441.jpg
James and Natasha-456.jpg
James and Natasha-458.jpg
James and Natasha-462.jpg
James and Natasha-468.jpg
James and Natasha-473.jpg
James and Natasha-470.jpg
James and Natasha-489.jpg
James and Natasha-509.jpg
James and Natasha-514.jpg
James and Natasha-521.jpg
James and Natasha-547.jpg
James and Natasha-553.jpg
James and Natasha-560.jpg
James and Natasha-569.jpg
James and Natasha-582.jpg
James and Natasha-592.jpg
James and Natasha-532.jpg
James and Natasha-596.jpg
James and Natasha-599.jpg
James and Natasha-607.jpg
James and Natasha-625.jpg
James and Natasha-632.jpg
James and Natasha-645.jpg
James and Natasha-650.jpg
James and Natasha-653.jpg
James and Natasha-662.jpg
James and Natasha-665.jpg
James and Natasha-666.jpg
James and Natasha-704.jpg
James and Natasha-676.jpg
James and Natasha-731.jpg
James and Natasha-721.jpg
James and Natasha-715.jpg
James and Natasha-724.jpg
James and Natasha-742.jpg
James and Natasha-732.jpg
James and Natasha-741.jpg
James and Natasha-756.jpg
James and Natasha-759.jpg
James and Natasha-760.jpg
James and Natasha-763.jpg
James and Natasha-740.jpg
James and Natasha-770.jpg
James and Natasha-765.jpg
James and Natasha-766.jpg
James and Natasha-774.jpg
James and Natasha-767.jpg
James and Natasha-787.jpg
James and Natasha-800.jpg

One Fine Day Sydney

Spread over two days, One Fine Day is an incredibly unique bridal expo in Barangaroo that I had the pleasure of shooting. The catwalk featured over 80 incredible looks with a mix of bridal, menswear and bridesmaids. The Sydney Fair showcased some of the most talented Australian Designers and all hair and makeup was by Rebecca Paris. It’s been over two years since I worked as a catwalk photographer and it was just as fun as I remember. Here are some of my favourite shots from the show.

OFD 2019-10.jpg
OFD 2019-5.jpg
OFD 2019-18.jpg
OFD 2019-25.jpg
OFD 2019-28.jpg
OFD 2019-35.jpg
OFD 2019-4.jpg
OFD 2019-27.jpg
OFD 2019-75.jpg
OFD 2019-100.jpg
OFD 2019-114.jpg
OFD 2019-109.jpg
OFD 2019-122.jpg
OFD 2019-121.jpg
OFD 2019-111.jpg
OFD 2019-104.jpg
OFD 2019-105.jpg
OFD 2019-106.jpg

Antoinette's Maternity Session

There aren’t too many things more beautiful than seeing a soon to be mum awaiting the arrival of her beautiful baby and here’s the proof. At 36 weeks pregnant Antoinette was glowing at her Jervis Bay maternity shoot last week, here are some of the highlights!

Antionette Maternity-1.jpg
Antionette Maternity-3.jpg
Antionette Maternity-20.jpg
Antionette Maternity-28.jpg
Antionette Maternity-30.jpg
Antionette Maternity-23.jpg
Antionette Maternity-31.jpg
Antionette Maternity-33.jpg
Antionette Maternity-46.jpg
Antionette Maternity-44.jpg
Antionette Maternity-45.jpg

Sam and Grace's Wedding

Sam and Grace kicked off the new year saying I do with a beautiful afternoon wedding at The Silo’s Estate Berry.

They had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in front of the vineyard followed by an evening reception under a marquee lit by fairy lights for ambience.

Having everything at the same wedding venue makes for a relaxed day. While the bride and groom headed to the iconic silo for photos, their guests could enjoy pizza, taco and some drinks.

Check out Grace and Sam’s Silo’s Estate wedding in Berry below.

Venue: Silo’s Estate Berry
Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Hair: Tim Metcalfe
Makeup: Sally-Ann Beauty
Marquee/furniture hire: Shoalhaven Party Hire
Extra furniture hire: Hoorah Events
Florist: Elkas Garden, Gerringong
Food: Tin Shed Pizza and Smith Street Foods
Drinks: Wines by Silos Estate
Beers and margarita bar by Manning Street Cellars

Sam and Grace-13.jpg
Sam and Grace-14.jpg
Sam and Grace-35.jpg
Sam and Grace-45.jpg
Sam and Grace-49.jpg
Sam and Grace-96.jpg
Sam and Grace-98.jpg
Sam and Grace-103.jpg
Sam and Grace-111.jpg
Sam and Grace-75.jpg
Sam and Grace-79.jpg
Sam and Grace-81.jpg
Sam and Grace-82.jpg
Sam and Grace-83.jpg
Sam and Grace-2.jpg
Sam and Grace-183.jpg
Sam and Grace-187.jpg
Sam and Grace-230.jpg
Sam and Grace-233.jpg
Sam and Grace-253.jpg
Sam and Grace-257.jpg
Sam and Grace-260.jpg
Sam and Grace-270.jpg
Sam and Grace-289.jpg
Sam and Grace-286.jpg
Sam and Grace-301.jpg
Sam and Grace-313.jpg
Sam and Grace-316.jpg
Sam and Grace-386.jpg
Sam and Grace-392.jpg
Sam and Grace-463.jpg
Sam and Grace-476.jpg
Sam and Grace-469.jpg
Sam and Grace-524.jpg
Sam and Grace-341.jpg
Sam and Grace-526.jpg
Sam and Grace-509.jpg
Sam and Grace-511.jpg
Sam and Grace-550.jpg
Sam and Grace-562.jpg
Sam and Grace-571.jpg
Sam and Grace-599.jpg
Sam and Grace-608.jpg
Sam and Grace-542.jpg
Sam and Grace-620.jpg
Sam and Grace-626.jpg
Sam and Grace-627.jpg

Blenheim Collaboration

Bridget and Savannah were the perfect fit for this shoot. Kristy and Kayla wanted to go with the blonde beachy look to suit the Australian summer at Jervis Bay. Thanks to the girls willingness to have some fun with the shoot we have some incredible images to showcase each of our work!

I picked this location because the afternoon light is incredible and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the different backdrops on offer.

Location: Blenheim Beach, Jervis Bay
Bridget Clamor and Savannah Lloyd
Kristy Patrice Hair
Kayla K Makeup

Kayla K Kristy Patrice-7.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-6.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-9.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-13.jpg
Kayla K Kristy Patrice-14.jpg