Josh and Fiona's Engagement Session

Winter engagement sessions are nice cosy! Josh and Fiona had the perfect afternoon for their engagement session which was lucky as we had to postpone their booking twice due to rain. We met up at Ben’s Walk which which made such a nice backdrop for their intimate portraits. Congratulations to you both on your engagement, such an exciting time!

Josh and Fiona-5.jpg
Josh and Fiona-13.jpg
Josh and Fiona-12.jpg
Josh and Fiona-15.jpg
Josh and Fiona-17.jpg
Josh and Fiona-1.jpg
Josh and Fiona-25.jpg
Josh and Fiona-29.jpg
Josh and Fiona-31.jpg
Josh and Fiona-36.jpg
Josh and Fiona-40.jpg
Josh and Fiona-46.jpg
Josh and Fiona-49.jpg

Purple Bridal Shower Shoot

I am so excited to share this pretty purple bridal shower organised by the team at Scrumptious Grazing Events. The shower was inspired by all things floral and feminine, Tabitha and the creatives behind this shoot wanted to show how you can create the perfect celebration for a bride to be.

This lovely editorial shoot was held at Terara Riverside Retreat which boasts views of the Shoalhaven River. The event incorporated bright purple in varying shades into everything from the flowers to the cocktails, and even on top of the cake!

If you’re hosting a bridal shower soon, get inspired by this pretty purple event!

The incredible vendors and models are listed below, thank you to everyone that put their hand up to make this possible, it was so much fun.

Venue: Terara Riverside Retreat
Gourmet Grazing: Scrumptious Grazing Events
Furniture, Tricyce and Lawn Games: A Game of Love
Florist: Jessica Lea Foral Design
Arbour and Signage: The Prop Sisters
Caravan Bar and Drinks: Little Gracey
Photography: Samuel White Photography
Videography: GCC Visuals
Models: Megan Vaughan, Michelle Gray, Jael Barrios, Nina De Borde, Michelle Cato, Emma McGill and Jamie Borg

Terara Bridal Shower Collab-147.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-136.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-143.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-146.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-51.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-112.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-115.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-61.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-107.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-24.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-22.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-140.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-100.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-6.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-99.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-10.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-12.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-17.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-21.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-29.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-49.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-38.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-41.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-48.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-82.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-69.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-71.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-72.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-15.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-14.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-11.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-84.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-95.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-86.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-65.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-128.jpg
Terara Bridal Shower Collab-134.jpg

Jay and Hannah's Engagement Session

Jay and Hannah’s wedding is coming up at Terara Riverside Gardens and I couldn’t be more excited. I recently had the pleasure of shooting this lovely couple for their engagement session at Greenfield’s Beach in Jervis Bay. I am so happy with how their photos turned out, they are such a sweet couple and their chemistry made my job easy! We started off shooting on the sand and finished up in the surrounding national park, blessed with the golden light. Here are some of my favourites from their session!

Jay and Hannah Engagement-2.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-4.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-91.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-93.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-95.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-40.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-61.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-58.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-49.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-99.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-85.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-21.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-17.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-19.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-74.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-70.jpg
Jay and Hannah Engagement-75.jpg

The Hinsley Family

I recently had a wonderful afternoon session in Jervis Bay with the Hinsley family.

We met at one of my favourite beach locations, Blenheim Beach. Winter on the coast is a beautiful time of the year to have photos as there aren’t many people around and the lighting is perfect. Chris organised this session as a gift to his wife Kathryn and what a nice idea for something memorable.

When I photograph children I like to keep the photos as natural as possible, letting them just be kids. The beach was perfect for this as they could run and explore. I try to avoid awkward posing that make my clients uncomfortable, instead I like everyone to relax and enjoy the session so then the real moments can happen naturally. Here are some of the highlights from their session.

Chris and Katherine-2.jpg
Chris and Katherine-1.jpg
Chris and Katherine-6.jpg
Chris and Katherine-8.jpg
Chris and Katherine-17.jpg
Chris and Katherine-27.jpg
Chris and Katherine-9.jpg
Chris and Katherine-10.jpg
Chris and Katherine-11.jpg
Chris and Katherine-38.jpg
Chris and Katherine-48.jpg
Chris and Katherine-51.jpg
Chris and Katherine-61.jpg
Chris and Katherine-63.jpg
Chris and Katherine-68.jpg
Chris and Katherine-70.jpg
Chris and Katherine-75.jpg
Chris and Katherine-92.jpg
Chris and Katherine-84.jpg
Chris and Katherine-104.jpg

Nest Residential Design's Shoalhaven Heads Project

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph the finished build of a prestige coastal home designed by Nest Residential Design. The cutting edge double storey home takes full advantage of its proximity to Shoalhaven Heads beach and was designed to be filled with light throughout the day. I am really enjoying photographing the work by the team at Nest because of their attention to detail in every aspect of the design. It was a no brainer to include some drone photos of this beautiful coastal house!

64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-9.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-10.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-11.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-27.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-12.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-13.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-14.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-17.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-16.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-18.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-19.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-20.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(hires)-21.jpg
64 McIntosh St, Shoalhaven Heads(lores)-29.jpg

Sam and Elise's Mosman Wedding

When Sam and Elise got in touch with me to shoot their Sydney Wedding I jumped at the chance. Having lived in the city for five years with my wife I was eager to get back to a place that held so many great memories.

Sam and Elise chose to have their wedding ceremony at Bradley's Head Amphitheatre. This was a great choice of location as the view of Sydney is fantastic. After the ceremony we were able to take advantage of the circular driveway at the top of Bradley’s Head for some photos with the Rolls Royce. After Bradley’s Head we headed to Balmoral Beach and then on to the reception venue, Gunners Barracks. The couple opted for a traditional sit-down reception. What I like about a seated reception is it helps in the organisation of the evening and gives the celebration a more formal feel which allows for the flow of speeches, cake cutting and of course, dancing!

I had such a great time celebrating with Sam and Elise and couldn’t be happier for them!

Ceremony Venue: Bradley’s Head Amphitheatre
Reception Venue: Gunner’s Barracks Mosman
Gown: Brides of Sydney
Furniture Hire: Ava Party Hire
Hair Stylist: Pampouri Hair
Makeup Artist:
Makeup Mode
Flower Forum
Videographer: Paper Lion Collective
Car Hire:
Broadway Limousines
Larger than Lions

Sam and Elise-209.jpg
Sam and Elise-178.jpg
Sam and Elise-248.jpg
Sam and Elise-152.jpg
Sam and Elise-156.jpg
Sam and Elise-161.jpg
Sam and Elise-165.jpg
Sam and Elise-169.jpg
Sam and Elise-214.jpg
Sam and Elise-213.jpg
Sam and Elise-264.jpg
Sam and Elise-280.jpg
Sam and Elise-256.jpg
Sam and Elise-4.jpg
Sam and Elise-34.jpg
Sam and Elise-30.jpg
Sam and Elise-17.jpg
Sam and Elise-48.jpg
Sam and Elise-32.jpg
Sam and Elise-39.jpg
Sam and Elise-45.jpg
Sam and Elise-53.jpg
Sam and Elise-64.jpg
Sam and Elise-68.jpg
Sam and Elise-78.jpg
Sam and Elise-83.jpg
Sam and Elise-84.jpg
Sam and Elise-93.jpg
Sam and Elise-96.jpg
Sam and Elise-98.jpg
Sam and Elise-106.jpg
Sam and Elise-109.jpg
Sam and Elise-114.jpg
Sam and Elise-118.jpg
Sam and Elise-131.jpg
Sam and Elise-281.jpg
Sam and Elise-289.jpg
Sam and Elise-283.jpg
Sam and Elise-293.jpg
Sam and Elise-295.jpg
Sam and Elise-297.jpg
Sam and Elise-301.jpg
Sam and Elise-310.jpg
Sam and Elise-313.jpg
Sam and Elise-316.jpg
Sam and Elise-320.jpg
Sam and Elise-327.jpg
Sam and Elise-324.jpg
Sam and Elise-340.jpg
Sam and Elise-346.jpg
Sam and Elise-349.jpg
Sam and Elise-351.jpg
Sam and Elise-356.jpg
Sam and Elise-358.jpg
Sam and Elise-359.jpg
Sam and Elise-378.jpg
Sam and Elise-369.jpg
Sam and Elise-389.jpg
Sam and Elise-394.jpg
Sam and Elise-409.jpg
Sam and Elise-413.jpg
Sam and Elise-428.jpg