Glamping in Berry

I thought I would share some photos I took earlier this week of a unique couples getaway spot in Berry, NSW. This deluxe glamping tent has its own ensuite and private deck. It has a beautiful rural outlook and is only a short stroll from the main street of Berry. The owners have opened their bookings to allow couples to enjoy authentic farm life on the South Coast, the cost is $300 per night.

To book contact Maria on 0413 053 381 or email

Glamping Tent-1.jpg
Glamping Tent-5.jpg
Glamping Tent-8.jpg
Glamping Tent-12.jpg
Glamping Tent-13.jpg
Glamping Tent-11.jpg

Blenheim Family Session

There are so many beautiful coastal beaches on the South Coast to get great family photos in the summer, but I think this is my new favourite. Blenheim Beach. I just love the bush track down to the beach, the rocks that meet the national park and the whole shoreline. Thank you to this lovely family who spent their Sunday afternoon with me, here are some of the highlights captured between the tears.

Kelly Lawson-5.jpg
Kelly Lawson-13.jpg
Kelly Lawson-24.jpg
Kelly Lawson-20.jpg
Kelly Lawson-14.jpg
Kelly Lawson-16.jpg
Kelly Lawson-72.jpg
Kelly Lawson-75.jpg
Kelly Lawson-82.jpg
Kelly Lawson-33.jpg
Kelly Lawson-62.jpg
Kelly Lawson-3.jpg
Kelly Lawson-25.jpg

Matt and Tegan's Wedding

I have been so excited to share the wedding of Tegan and Matt. This was my first wedding for the year and my first time shooting at Wharf Road, what an incredible waterfront property!

The ceremony was held outside the venue in front of the Shoalhaven River and led by celebrant Cathryn Philpott who celebrated the merging of two families and circles of friends. After the formalities were over I joined the bridal party for some portraits in nearby Terara, NSW. The photos were followed by a sit-down reception back at Wharf Road. The ambient lighting and coastal decor made for a beautiful intimate evening.

Congratulations to Matt and Tegan, what a beautiful couple to spend a day with.

Matt and Tegan-13.jpg
Matt and Tegan-21.jpg
Matt and Tegan-23.jpg
Matt and Tegan-40.jpg
Matt and Tegan-66.jpg
Matt and Tegan-73.jpg
Matt and Tegan-74.jpg
Matt and Tegan-91.jpg
Matt and Tegan-98.jpg
Matt and Tegan-101.jpg
Matt and Tegan-103.jpg
Matt and Tegan-107.jpg
Matt and Tegan-114.jpg
Matt and Tegan-127.jpg
Matt and Tegan-129.jpg
Matt and Tegan-132.jpg
Matt and Tegan-133.jpg
Matt and Tegan-142.jpg
Matt and Tegan-146.jpg
Matt and Tegan-154.jpg
Matt and Tegan-157.jpg
Matt and Tegan-166.jpg
Matt and Tegan-188.jpg
Matt and Tegan-197.jpg
Matt and Tegan-224.jpg
Matt and Tegan-219.jpg
Matt and Tegan-249.jpg
Matt and Tegan-257.jpg
Matt and Tegan-265.jpg
Matt and Tegan-269.jpg
Matt and Tegan-271.jpg
Matt and Tegan-289.jpg
Matt and Tegan-291.jpg
Matt and Tegan-296.jpg
Matt and Tegan-302.jpg
Matt and Tegan-366.jpg
Matt and Tegan-368.jpg
Matt and Tegan-378.jpg
Matt and Tegan-383.jpg
Matt and Tegan-412.jpg
Matt and Tegan-425.jpg
Matt and Tegan-428.jpg
Matt and Tegan-420.jpg
Matt and Tegan-449.jpg
Matt and Tegan-454.jpg
Matt and Tegan-461.jpg
Matt and Tegan-452.jpg
Matt and Tegan-469.jpg
Matt and Tegan-466.jpg
Matt and Tegan-488.jpg
Matt and Tegan-476.jpg
Matt and Tegan-473.jpg
Matt and Tegan-7.jpg
Matt and Tegan-409.jpg
Matt and Tegan-5.jpg
Matt and Tegan-494.jpg
Matt and Tegan-514.jpg
Matt and Tegan-520.jpg
Matt and Tegan-538.jpg
Matt and Tegan-556.jpg
Matt and Tegan-559.jpg
Matt and Tegan-585.jpg
Matt and Tegan-591.jpg
Matt and Tegan-594.jpg
Matt and Tegan-597.jpg
Matt and Tegan-617.jpg
Matt and Tegan-629.jpg
Matt and Tegan-526.jpg
Matt and Tegan-531.jpg
Matt and Tegan-658.jpg
Matt and Tegan-666.jpg
Matt and Tegan-678.jpg
Matt and Tegan-693.jpg
Matt and Tegan-694.jpg
Matt and Tegan-683.jpg
Matt and Tegan-712.jpg
Matt and Tegan-732.jpg
Matt and Tegan-789.jpg
Matt and Tegan-793.jpg
Matt and Tegan-796.jpg
Matt and Tegan-810.jpg
Matt and Tegan-783.jpg

Sven and Sharon's Wedding

2018 was an incredible year for me and it ended with the wedding of Sven and Sharon. The two tied the knot at Wildwood, Kangaroo Valley and it was such a great wedding to finish 2018 with. Congratulations to another beautiful couple and thank you for allowing me to be there to tell your love story.

Sven and Sharon-5.jpg
Sven and Sharon-4.jpg
Sven and Sharon-73.jpg
Sven and Sharon-77.jpg
Sven and Sharon-79.jpg
Sven and Sharon-80.jpg
Sven and Sharon-89.jpg
Sven and Sharon-105.jpg
Sven and Sharon-94.jpg
Sven and Sharon-96.jpg
Sven and Sharon-99.jpg
Sven and Sharon-20.jpg
Sven and Sharon-27.jpg
Sven and Sharon-28.jpg
Sven and Sharon-31.jpg
Sven and Sharon-34.jpg
Sven and Sharon-37.jpg
Sven and Sharon-18.jpg
Sven and Sharon-44.jpg
Sven and Sharon-41.jpg
Sven and Sharon-48.jpg
Sven and Sharon-53.jpg
Sven and Sharon-56.jpg
Sven and Sharon-59.jpg
Sven and Sharon-55.jpg
Sven and Sharon-60.jpg
Sven and Sharon-62.jpg
Sven and Sharon-120.jpg
Sven and Sharon-122.jpg
Sven and Sharon-125.jpg
Sven and Sharon-133.jpg
Sven and Sharon-131.jpg
Sven and Sharon-134.jpg
Sven and Sharon-137.jpg
Sven and Sharon-138.jpg
Sven and Sharon-139.jpg
Sven and Sharon-142.jpg
Sven and Sharon-144.jpg
Sven and Sharon-153.jpg
Sven and Sharon-151.jpg
Sven and Sharon-148.jpg
Sven and Sharon-158.jpg
Sven and Sharon-160.jpg
Sven and Sharon-164.jpg
Sven and Sharon-167.jpg
Sven and Sharon-174.jpg
Sven and Sharon-173.jpg
Sven and Sharon-183.jpg
Sven and Sharon-186.jpg
Sven and Sharon-209.jpg
Sven and Sharon-222.jpg
Sven and Sharon-218.jpg
Sven and Sharon-216.jpg
Sven and Sharon-228.jpg
Sven and Sharon-230.jpg
Sven and Sharon-246.jpg
Sven and Sharon-241.jpg
Sven and Sharon-253.jpg
Sven and Sharon-256.jpg
Sven and Sharon-252.jpg
Sven and Sharon-264.jpg
Sven and Sharon-273.jpg
Sven and Sharon-296.jpg
Sven and Sharon-294.jpg
Sven and Sharon-311.jpg
Sven and Sharon-318.jpg
Sven and Sharon-314.jpg
Sven and Sharon-321.jpg
Sven and Sharon-352.jpg
Sven and Sharon-324.jpg
Sven and Sharon-329.jpg
Sven and Sharon-332.jpg
Sven and Sharon-337.jpg
Sven and Sharon-341.jpg
Sven and Sharon-343.jpg
Sven and Sharon-361.jpg
Sven and Sharon-356.jpg
Sven and Sharon-379.jpg
Sven and Sharon-382.jpg
Sven and Sharon-395.jpg

Harper's Second Birthday Party

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!  Since our daughter’s birthday falls in December we decided to theme her second birthday party as Ice cream. We didn’t take a lot of photos because we spent our afternoon catching up with friends and family while entertaining the little ones. Here are a few we did manage to snap.

Harper's Second Birthday-110.jpg
Harper's Second Birthday-116.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-10.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-17.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-13.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-44.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-39.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-30.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-63.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-54.jpg
Harper's Second Birthday-111.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-58.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-67.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-69.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-70.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-74.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-73.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-83.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-88.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-90.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-97.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-98.jpg
Harper's Second Birthday-113.jpg
Harper's 2nd Birthday-109.jpg

Navy Christmas Party

Last week I joined the 808 Squadron as they celebrated Christmas with their annual Navy Ball. The evening was held at Terara Park which was the perfect venue as there was plenty of shelter when the rain began. Here are some of the highlights from what was a fantastic night!


Luke and Hollea's Engagement Session

Luke and Hollea wanted to have their engagement session where they spend most of their time together, the beach. We met in Sussex Inlet early on Sunday morning, and strolled around the beach together. I was able to capture some pretty nice photos of these two having a great time with one another. They even incorporated their pet dog into the session, because why not! Here are some of the highlights.

Luke and Hollea-1.jpg
Luke and Hollea-6.jpg
Luke and Hollea-9.jpg
Luke and Hollea-13.jpg
Luke and Hollea-18.jpg
Luke and Hollea-19.jpg
Luke and Hollea-27.jpg
Luke and Hollea-28.jpg
Luke and Hollea-48.jpg
Luke and Hollea-30.jpg
Luke and Hollea-33.jpg
Luke and Hollea-39.jpg
Luke and Hollea-45.jpg
Luke and Hollea-56.jpg

Kambala Year 12 Formal Pre's

Earlier this month I photographed the Year 12 Pre’s for Ellie and her friends in Bellevue Hill. The afternoon was a celebration for the girls of Kambala Rose Bay as they are graduating from high school. Congratulations on completing your studies and best of luck to you all!


Cameron and Jeanette's Queenstown Wedding

Natalie and I had the pleasure of shooting Cameron and Jeanette’s New Zealand wedding last month. It was our favourite wedding for the year and it’s not hard to tell why. Cameron and Jeanette broke so many traditions on their wedding day and we loved that they decided to be so authentic. The couple arrived together to the Queenstown Gardens and greeted all their guests before the formalities begun. After the ceremony was over the couple started handing out burgers from Fergburger, a Queenstown specialty. We then took the couple for a walk through the Pine Forest and down to the water for some couple portraits. This was followed by a daytime reception at The Boatshed in Frankton. Jeanette and Cameron surprised their guests with a visit from Mr Whippy. We were made feel so welcome by everyone at this wedding that when our booking ended we didn’t want to leave. Thank you for booking us for our first destination wedding and congratulations to you both!

Cameron and Jeanette-27.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-31.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-47.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-38.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-62.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-67.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-70.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-83.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-91.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-92.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-95.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-97.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-124.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-122.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-102.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-98.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-107.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-129.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-140.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-167.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-207.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-277.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-249.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-237.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-256.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-264.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-307.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-312.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-331.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-316.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-324.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-409.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-362.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-353.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-358.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-346.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-381.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-390.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-387.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-375.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-410.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-413.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-551.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-423.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-495.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-514.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-535.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-528.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-537.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-552.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-525.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-569.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-429.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-456.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-482.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-440.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-461.jpg
Cameron and Jeanette-481.jpg

Surprise Newborn Session

When I was first contacted by Andrew about this surprise newborn session, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to say to his wife when she answered the door. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry because Andrew let Miranda know prior to my arrival. Andrew decided to have their session at home which is always easier for new parents as it means no trying to time feeds and naps and no carting everything to a studio. Here are some of my favourites from the session.

Andrew Woolfe-12.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-19.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-1.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-63.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-60.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-49.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-100.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-103.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-15.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-83.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-84.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-198.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-200.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-188.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-108.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-122.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-133.jpg
Andrew Woolfe-161.jpg

Currarong Family Session

I recently had a fun session at Currarong Beach with this family.

We met at Abrahams Bosom Beach. Late afternoon at the beach is a beautiful time of the day to have photos as there aren’t many people around and the light is perfect. When I photograph children I try to keep them occupied and having fun, so not only did we have the water but these toddlers could roam around the rocks with their parents which made for some very natural shots.

I find it’s much easier to let the kids be kids rather than trying to get heavily posed photos.

Prue Herron-48.jpg
Prue Herron-4.jpg
Prue Herron-10.jpg
Prue Herron-14.jpg
Prue Herron-23.jpg
Prue Herron-31.jpg
Prue Herron-40.jpg
Prue Herron-35.jpg
Prue Herron-51.jpg
Prue Herron-58.jpg
Prue Herron-66.jpg
Prue Herron-68.jpg
Prue Herron-79.jpg
Prue Herron-82.jpg
Prue Herron-85.jpg
Prue Herron-92.jpg
Prue Herron-108.jpg
Prue Herron-104.jpg
Prue Herron-99.jpg
Prue Herron-114.jpg
Prue Herron-124.jpg
Prue Herron-134.jpg
Prue Herron-141.jpg
Prue Herron-143.jpg
Prue Herron-164.jpg
Prue Herron-171.jpg

Campbell and Tanay's Kangaroo Valley Wedding

Wildwood is a venue in Kangaroo Valley that I have always wanted to shoot at, thanks to Campbell and Tanay I was given that opportunity last month. A beautiful couple, married in a truly authentic Australian setting. Here are some of the highlights from their day.

Campbell and Tanay-4.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-9.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-6.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-26.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-21.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-22.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-18.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-32.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-35.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-42.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-44.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-46.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-47.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-49.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-51.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-72.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-80.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-81.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-85.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-90.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-107.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-110.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-128.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-121.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-115.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-142.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-139.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-150.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-155.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-164.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-170.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-192.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-178.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-195.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-196.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-199.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-213.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-211.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-207.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-220.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-221.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-223.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-238.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-236.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-243.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-251.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-257.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-264.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-270.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-274.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-288.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-296.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-304.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-306.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-312.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-328.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-324.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-369.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-387.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-425.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-453.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-442.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-416.jpg
Campbell and Tanay-422.jpg

Ryan and Judy's Sussex Inlet Wedding

Ryan and Judy chose to have their wedding in their home town Sussex Inlet. The two were joined by close family and friends for an intimate, riverside ceremony which was followed by a reception at their beautiful property. It’s so easy to love what I do when I get to spend my weekends celebrating the biggest day of my clients lives! Here are some of the highlights from the day, enjoy!

Ryan and Judy-17.jpg
Ryan and Judy-8.jpg
Ryan and Judy-9.jpg
Ryan and Judy-28.jpg
Ryan and Judy-39.jpg
Ryan and Judy-58.jpg
Ryan and Judy-19.jpg
Ryan and Judy-61.jpg
Ryan and Judy-63.jpg
Ryan and Judy-68.jpg
Ryan and Judy-90.jpg
Ryan and Judy-77.jpg
Ryan and Judy-87.jpg
Ryan and Judy-97.jpg
Ryan and Judy-103.jpg
Ryan and Judy-110.jpg
Ryan and Judy-114.jpg
Ryan and Judy-115.jpg
Ryan and Judy-124.jpg
Ryan and Judy-149.jpg
Ryan and Judy-144.jpg
Ryan and Judy-273.jpg
Ryan and Judy-260.jpg
Ryan and Judy-276.jpg
Ryan and Judy-203.jpg
Ryan and Judy-210.jpg
Ryan and Judy-224.jpg
Ryan and Judy-232.jpg
Ryan and Judy-243.jpg
Ryan and Judy-254.jpg
Ryan and Judy-258.jpg
Ryan and Judy-286.jpg
Ryan and Judy-278.jpg
Ryan and Judy-280.jpg
Ryan and Judy-297.jpg
Ryan and Judy-301.jpg
Ryan and Judy-340.jpg
Ryan and Judy-317.jpg
Ryan and Judy-324.jpg
Ryan and Judy-327.jpg
Ryan and Judy-330.jpg
Ryan and Judy-310.jpg
Ryan and Judy-329.jpg
Ryan and Judy-307.jpg
Ryan and Judy-339.jpg
Ryan and Judy-410.jpg

Daniel and Carla

Daniel and Carla chose Cambewarra Estate for their beautiful Spring wedding. The vineyard made the perfect backdrop for the afternoon ceremony. For me, the highlight of the day was watching the newlyweds play the shoe game. For those that aren’t familiar with the game the couple answer questions about each other and their relationship while back to back in front of their friends and family. It is hilarious!

Thank you Daniel and Carla for allowing me to document your day!

Dan and Carla-24.jpg
Dan and Carla-8.jpg
Dan and Carla-32.jpg
Dan and Carla-33.jpg
Dan and Carla-38.jpg
Dan and Carla-45.jpg
Dan and Carla-48.jpg
Dan and Carla-50.jpg
Dan and Carla-21.jpg
Dan and Carla-56.jpg
Dan and Carla-58.jpg
Dan and Carla-68.jpg
Dan and Carla-71.jpg
Dan and Carla-84.jpg
Dan and Carla-87.jpg
Dan and Carla-106.jpg
Dan and Carla-126.jpg
Dan and Carla-185.jpg
Dan and Carla-213.jpg
Dan and Carla-218.jpg
Dan and Carla-224.jpg
Dan and Carla-245.jpg
Dan and Carla-258.jpg
Dan and Carla-266.jpg
Dan and Carla-270.jpg
Dan and Carla-271.jpg
Dan and Carla-273.jpg
Dan and Carla-280.jpg
Dan and Carla-297.jpg
Dan and Carla-298.jpg
Dan and Carla-299.jpg
Dan and Carla-300.jpg
Dan and Carla-303.jpg
Dan and Carla-310.jpg
Dan and Carla-314.jpg
Dan and Carla-318.jpg
Dan and Carla-338.jpg
Dan and Carla-376.jpg
Dan and Carla-384.jpg
Dan and Carla-388.jpg
Dan and Carla-403.jpg
Dan and Carla-407.jpg
Dan and Carla-445.jpg
Dan and Carla-423.jpg
Dan and Carla-428.jpg
Dan and Carla-599.jpg
Dan and Carla-513.jpg
Dan and Carla-486.jpg
Dan and Carla-540.jpg
Dan and Carla-545.jpg
Dan and Carla-535.jpg
Dan and Carla-564.jpg
Dan and Carla-514.jpg
Dan and Carla-538.jpg
Dan and Carla-622.jpg
Dan and Carla-632.jpg
Dan and Carla-633.jpg
Dan and Carla-642.jpg
Dan and Carla-644.jpg
Dan and Carla-572.jpg
Dan and Carla-575.jpg
Dan and Carla-576.jpg
Dan and Carla-611.jpg
Dan and Carla-503.jpg

Huskisson Family Session

Tilesha and her family had been planning on getting some beautiful, professional photos for a little while. As a photographer Tilesha spends a lot of time behind the camera and often misses out on being in the shots with her loved ones. I was so glad to be able to capture some fun beach portraits with her and her family. Here are some of my favourites.

Tilesha Tunks-14.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-17.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-15.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-25.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-22.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-24.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-37.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-62.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-65.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-46.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-18.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-68.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-77.jpg
Tilesha Tunks-106.jpg

Nest Residential Barrengarry

If you follow my blog you would know that I have been working with the team at Nest Residential Design to photograph a portfolio of their amazing work. The photos below are from my most recent shoot of a home they designed in Barrengarry, NSW. Some of the photos were taken by drone to showcase the incredible location of the property. The shoot started at 4pm and concluded with some twilight shots.

Thank you for following my photo journey!

95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-23.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-21.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-22.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-26.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-27.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-25.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-2.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-3.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-7.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-6.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-16.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-17.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-18.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-19.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-10.jpg
95A Willowglen Rd, Barrengarry(hires)-11.jpg

The Madge Family

Last week, I was able to photograph The Madge Family! They had seen one of my previous shoots at Bangalee so they wanted to have their photos taken in the same place. Here are a few of my favourites from our Sunday together. What cheeky little girls!

Jodi Madge-2.jpg
Jodi Madge-5.jpg
Jodi Madge-9.jpg
Jodi Madge-11.jpg
Jodi Madge-18.jpg
Jodi Madge-20.jpg
Jodi Madge-21.jpg
Jodi Madge-26.jpg
Jodi Madge-36.jpg
Jodi Madge-28.jpg
Jodi Madge-40.jpg
Jodi Madge-47.jpg
Jodi Madge-44.jpg

Competition Winners!

Congratulations on Tim and Olivia on winning my recent giveaway!

The couple had such a sweet engagement session at Huskisson, NSW last week. We hadn’t met in person yet, so it was a great opportunity to get to know them a little better. We had the most perfect afternoon and the whole beach to ourselves. I’m so excited for their wedding at Pyree next year!

Olivia Patterson-46.jpg
Olivia Patterson-2.jpg
Olivia Patterson-4.jpg
Olivia Patterson-5.jpg
Olivia Patterson-15.jpg
Olivia Patterson-19.jpg
Olivia Patterson-8.jpg
Olivia Patterson-31.jpg
Olivia Patterson-33.jpg
Olivia Patterson-39.jpg