Hyams Beach Family Shoot

I love photographing big families, especially when they share such a close bond. It's nice to see the way parents interact with their children and the doting love of grandparents. 

I try to make big group sessions as painless as possible. I like to take a walk with my clients and let them interact with each other. My goal is to capture the love between everyone as candid as possible. 

Here are some of my shots from the weekend with this lovely family at Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay.

Sarah McCullagh-2.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-14.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-40.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-22.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-6.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-18.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-30.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-115.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-79.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-46.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-42.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-57.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-101.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-75.jpg
Sarah McCullagh-129.jpg