The Madge Family

Last week, I was able to photograph The Madge Family! They had seen one of my previous shoots at Bangalee so they wanted to have their photos taken in the same place. Here are a few of my favourites from our Sunday together. What cheeky little girls!

Jodi Madge-2.jpg
Jodi Madge-5.jpg
Jodi Madge-9.jpg
Jodi Madge-11.jpg
Jodi Madge-18.jpg
Jodi Madge-20.jpg
Jodi Madge-21.jpg
Jodi Madge-26.jpg
Jodi Madge-36.jpg
Jodi Madge-28.jpg
Jodi Madge-40.jpg
Jodi Madge-47.jpg
Jodi Madge-44.jpg