Heath and Amy's Wedding at Cupitt's Winery

Congratulations to Heath and Amy who were the winners of our Win Your Wedding Photography competition!

When asked what winning this prize meant to Heath and Amy they said:

“We couldn’t have been more thankful for the winning the competition. It meant that we had peace of mind and security knowing that we had a fantastic and talented photographer locked in. As we all know, photography can also take up a large proportion of any wedding budget, so with that pressure gone we were able to put our resources towards some finer details that we may have forgone otherwise. It was these small details that really culminated in creating the most perfect day. We wouldn’t have changed a thing. And to boot, the photos that Sam has produced are absolutely breathtaking. They honestly bring a tear to mine and Heath’s eyes. We’re so thankful that we have such precious memories captured so beautifully.”

We asked them to tell us about the style of their wedding and the best part of their day to which they answered:

“In terms of style, we loved that although Cupitts is a little bit country and rustic, it still has an elegant French feel with the stone cottage and the tall conifer trees so we tried to keep things a little classic. We put the boys in tux style suiting, and kept the florals quite classic and elegant with just a touch of modern fun. We didn’t want them too whimsical or unstructured. The shady fig absolutely nailed the brief and found some beautiful ways of keeping the flowers classic but still like nothing I had ever seen before. We did the same with our stationary and signage, keeping it fairly modern, simple and monochromatic. The girls dresses were from Australian label Manning Cartel. After I had chosen my dress, I remember thinking that I had seen something with a similar off the shoulder style as a potential bridesmaid option but couldn’t remember where! One day I was just browsing through some of my fave labels online and re-spotted them. They matched beautifully without being too “matchy matchy” and upheld the simple classic elegance we were going for. The best part of the day for me was walking down the aisle and spotting out all of the people that I love so deeply all in the one place celebrating us. And then of course seeing my beautiful husband to be waiting at the end for me.”

This was one incredible wedding to be a part of, congratulations to Heath and Amy on not only winning the competition but also on your marriage. All the best to you both!

Wedding Venue: Cupitt’s Winery
Todd Mayhew
Hair Stylist:
Willow Hair Spa
Makeup Artist:
VDJ Makeup
Chosen by One Day from Love Marie Bridal
Twigs and Honey
MJ Bale
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Manning Cartell
Shady Fig
Cake Maker:
Rose and Co Sweets
Entertainment: Cam Little and XYDJ

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