The South Coast Wedding Fair with Piccolo and Poppi

Last weekend I went behind the scenes with Piccolo and Poppi who were showcasing their incredible florals and styling across multiple venues as part of the South Coast Wedding Fair trail. The day began at Terara Riverside Gardens where Ash showed me some of the the most picturesque locations around the property for couples to host their ceremony and how together with Heart and Timber an outdoor space could be transformed into something truly beautiful.

Piccolo and Poppi-109.jpg
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Also on display at Terara Riverside Gardens was a blank canvas table setting allowing brides to see how the marquee would be set up and tables styled for the booking. From there brides could also look at the various looks created by Piccolo and Poppi in the marquee and meet some of the local suppliers who frequent the venue over the season.

Piccolo and Poppi-67.jpg
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Below are some of the looks created by the Piccolo and Poppi team.

Natural Elements Table
Table and Chairs: Heart and Timber
Decor and Flowers: Piccolo and Poppi
Menus and Table Number: Bridge and Co
Cookies: Dough Rei Me
Napkins: Terara Riverside Gardens

Piccolo and Poppi-31.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-105.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-90.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-25.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-81.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-89.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-28.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-97.jpg

Romantic Blush Table
Table and Linen: Terara Riverside Gardens
Chairs: Heart and Timber
Styling, Flowers and Decor: Piccolo and Poppi
Glassware and Napkins: Piccolo and Poppi
Place cards: Burfitt Avenue

Piccolo and Poppi-7.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-3.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-5.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-6.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-79.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-70.jpg

Moody Brown Table
Table and Chairs: Heart and Timber
Styling, Flowers and Decor: Piccolo and Poppi
Grazing Boards: Scrumptious Grazing Events
Menus and Place cards: Ivory and Ink
Cookies: Dough Rei Me

Piccolo and Poppi-8.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-11.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-35.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-40.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-57.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-15.jpg

The next stop on the trail for me was just around the corner, Terrara House Estate. Here the Piccolo and Poppi team styled a beautiful barn, which is new addition to the property. On show were two styled banquet tables appealing to the couples who want an intimate sit down formal meal.

Table and Chairs: White Top Events
Styling, Flowers and Decor: Piccolo and Poppi

Piccolo and Poppi-123.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-128.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-125.jpg

My day ended close to home, at Worrowing Estate in Jervis Bay. Here the Piccolo and Poppi team really put on a show. Inspired by a really eclectic colour scheme and perfect for the bohemian bride this table caught the eyes of every couple checking out the property.

Table and Chairs: Worrowing
Decor, Styling, Crockery, Cutlery, Linen and Flowers: Piccolo and Poppi
Menus: Bridge and Co
Cookies: Dough Rei Me

Piccolo and Poppi-134.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-139.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-133.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-136.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-143.jpg
Piccolo and Poppi-144.jpg