Sanctuary Point Private Sale

I don’t usually share a lot of my real estate work on my blog but thought I would make an exception for this property I photographed earlier in the week. This four bedroom home in Sanctuary Point was such a pleasure to shoot because of it’s immaculate presentation and interior styling. This is a privately listed property entering the market very soon, if interested please send me an email and I would be happy to pass on the owners details.

Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-1.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-3.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-11.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-17.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-15.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-20.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-19.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-14.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-16.jpg
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Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-18.jpg