Nest Residential Bomaderry Project

This is an exciting post for me because my recent shoot of this beautiful home marks my third visit to the property. I first photographed this property last year, the day after the concrete had been poured. I returned once the roof went on for some progress drone shots. Seeing the end result and combined effort of designers Nest Residential, frame by Go Steel Building Products, build by KNK and roof by Enhance has been so satisfying.

I have decided to include some of the before shots in this post to show you how far it’s come since my visit last year!

Nest - Rob and Emma-1.jpg
Nest - Rob and Emma-2.jpg
Nest - Rob and Emma-3.jpg
Nest - Rob and Emma-4.jpg

Right after the roof went on.

Enhance - Gladioli Vista-18.jpg
Enhance - Gladioli Vista-1.jpg

The day after the concrete slab had been poured.


Sanctuary Point Private Sale

I don’t usually share a lot of my real estate work on my blog but thought I would make an exception for this property I photographed earlier in the week. This four bedroom home in Sanctuary Point was such a pleasure to shoot because of it’s immaculate presentation and interior styling. This is a privately listed property entering the market very soon, if interested please send me an email and I would be happy to pass on the owners details.

Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-1.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-3.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-11.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-17.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-15.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-20.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-19.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-14.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-16.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-6.jpg
Steve-Jess Cantarakis(hires)-18.jpg

Family photos in Jervis Bay

Having grown up on the South Coast I really love taking people to the beach for their portraits. As a photographer I am so spoilt for locations to shoot and most of the year I get to take clients to empty beaches. It’s such a joy to spend my weekends getting to know so many great people.

Monique George-20.jpg
Monique George-72.jpg
Monique George-89.jpg
Monique George-12.jpg
Monique George-49.jpg
Monique George-66.jpg
Monique George-160.jpg
Monique George-151.jpg
Monique George-157.jpg
Monique George-179.jpg
Monique George-128.jpg
Monique George-188.jpg
Monique George-194.jpg
Monique George-195.jpg

Ryan and Lucy's Wedding

Lucy and Ryan’s wedding was photographed by me a few weeks ago at the beautiful Worrowing Estate. What I like most about afternoon weddings is that the celebrations begin right after the ceremony and guests aren’t left wondering what to do to fill the gap before the reception. When you get married at Worrowing, there are so many great photo spots in walking distance.

Thank you Ryan and Lucy for allowing me to document your wedding, I loved being a part of your day and celebrating with your friends and family.

Lucy and Ryan-1.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-90.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-81.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-38.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-97.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-42.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-48.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-120.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-124.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-130.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-135.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-137.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-138.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-147.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-160.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-162.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-165.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-169.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-173.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-176.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-183.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-186.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-194.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-224.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-203.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-216.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-266.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-241.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-246.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-278.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-328.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-398.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-405.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-413.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-415.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-418.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-409.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-439.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-446.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-462.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-537.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-608.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-603.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-610.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-615.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-623.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-636.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-641.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-650.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-652.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-672.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-659.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-684.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-693.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-704.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-718.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-725.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-726.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-803.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-731.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-755.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-764.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-857.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-913.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-898.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-866.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-947.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-931.jpg
Lucy and Ryan-954.jpg

Justyn and Jasmine's Wedding

I had an amazing time photographing Justyn and Jasmine’s wedding earlier this month. The couple had their ceremony and reception at Cambewarra Estate Winery, which made the perfect backdrop for their wedding portraits. Thank you to this lovely couple and their families for including me in such a special time in your lives.

Jasmine and Justyn-59.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-54.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-83.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-121.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-125.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-170.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-226.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-228.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-239.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-322.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-321.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-378.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-393.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-407.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-421.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-420.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-381.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-432.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-483.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-489.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-507.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-497.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-531.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-558.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-559.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-553.jpg
Jasmine and Justyn-574.jpg

Worrowing Styled Shoot

One of the best things about working in the wedding industry is getting to work alongside other passionate creatives. Below are photos I took on a recent styled bridal shoot in Jervis Bay. The list of epic suppliers are listed below. 

Venue: Worrowing Jervis Bay
Furniture Hire: South Coast Party Hire
Mobile Bar: Kechua
Placecards and Table Numbers: Ashdown and Bee
Florist: Blooming Occasions
Hair: Holliewood Hair and Beauty
Makeup: Natalie Gauci Makeup
Gown: Alca Line Bride
Bride and Groom: Jayde and Rachel


Baby Henley

I met up with new mums Jodie and Carlie to photograph their beautiful daughter Henley in their nursery at Heathcote. Henley was two and a half weeks old in the session which is the perfect age for newborn photos. We were joined by the couples two dogs who were not willing to leave their little sister alone! Such a special time I was so happy to be invited to capture. 


Gerroa Family Session

The Turner family contacted me wanting some family pictures at Seven Mile Beach because it holds a special place in their hearts. I was so happy to be able to capture some memorable moments for them. I love days that combine two of my favourite things, spending time at the beach and photography. 

Lauren Turner-2.jpg
Lauren Turner-5.jpg
Lauren Turner-27.jpg
Lauren Turner-47.jpg
Lauren Turner-12.jpg
Lauren Turner-50.jpg
Lauren Turner-57.jpg
Lauren Turner-59.jpg
Lauren Turner-63.jpg
Lauren Turner-68.jpg
Lauren Turner-76.jpg
Lauren Turner-97.jpg
Lauren Turner-108.jpg
Lauren Turner-85.jpg
Lauren Turner-112.jpg
Lauren Turner-122.jpg
Lauren Turner-125.jpg

Cindy and Adam

You might remember this couple from their maternity shoot where Adam proposed to Cindy. I met up with them again a couple of weeks ago to photograph their new son Logan! It is such an honour to spend an hour in the home of new parents with meeting their baby. 

Adam and Cindy Newborn-4.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-6.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-1.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-16.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-13.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-22.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-59.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-66.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-73.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-76.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-83.jpg
Adam and Cindy Newborn-94.jpg

Vincentia House Build

Congratulations to KNK Builders who were awarded “Best Contract Home $500-$600k” last night at the Ulladulla Civic Centre. I was stoked to get the opportunity to photograph your project to submit to these awards. I look forward to working together on future jobs! 

KNK - Builders Award Photos-27.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-24.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-1.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-11.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-4.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-7.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-6.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-15.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-16.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-19.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-35.jpg
KNK - Builders Award Photos-34.jpg

Berry Village Boutique Motel

Over the last few weeks, I have been working with the team at Berry Village Boutique Motel on an exciting new project. I have been photographing the property so they can use the images as marketing material for their accommodation. I have also been photographing different spots around the area which will soon become artwork in the guest rooms. 

Berry Motel (hi res)-20.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-23.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-25.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-18.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-29.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-28.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-26.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-1.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-2.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-10.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-17.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-5.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-9.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-16.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-21.jpg
Berry Motel (hi res)-22.jpg

Surprise Proposal

I was so disappointed when I found out we were expecting rain for Adam and Cindy's maternity shoot because little did Cindy know Adam and I had been planning to photograph his proposal during their session. There was a break in the rain that allowed just enough time for some quick photos and for Adam to pop the question!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and engagement! 

Cindy and Adam-1.jpg
Cindy and Adam-12.jpg
Cindy and Adam-3.jpg
Cindy and Adam-36.jpg
Cindy and Adam-22.jpg
Cindy and Adam-43.jpg
Cindy and Adam-47.jpg
Cindy and Adam-60.jpg
Cindy and Adam-55.jpg
Cindy and Adam-86.jpg
Cindy and Adam-102.jpg
Cindy and Adam-112.jpg
Cindy and Adam-117.jpg
Cindy and Adam-119.jpg
Cindy and Adam-123.jpg

Mitch and Madeleine's Wedding

I first met this couple late last year when I photographed their little family at Killalea State Park. Fast forward six months and I had the chance to catch up with them again, this time on their wedding day. The wedding ceremony was held at Rhododendron Gardens in Wollongong. I really like this spot for shooting because unlike similar locations there are many spots out of direct sunlight for taking wedding portraits. 

A big congratulations to Mitch and Madeleine on not only their marriage but also on the news that they will be welcoming another baby to the world soon! 

Mitch and Madeline-40.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-43.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-35.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-47.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-5.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-42.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-51.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-23.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-56.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-59.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-67.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-71.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-72.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-76.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-79.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-87.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-94.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-97.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-105.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-111.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-113.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-99.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-125.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-123.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-407.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-413.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-134.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-416.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-140.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-143.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-145.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-146.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-154.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-157.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-164.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-179.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-173.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-191.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-195.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-201.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-210.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-221.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-223.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-227.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-188.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-258.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-268.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-261.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-262.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-280.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-281.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-295.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-305.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-314.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-321.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-323.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-331.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-337.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-345.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-365.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-382.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-370.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-394.jpg
Mitch and Madeline-375.jpg

Michael and Paula's Wedding

Below are the photos from Michael and Paula's Southern Highlands wedding I captured a few weeks ago. The wedding was held at the Centennial Vineyards in Bowral and it truly was breathtaking. The thing I love about the Southern Highlands is every time I visit the colours in the trees are always so different. Although this wedding was shot on a cooler day there was such warmth in the vineyard. 

Paula and Michael-1.jpg
Paula and Michael-5.jpg
Paula and Michael-12.jpg
Paula and Michael-17.jpg
Paula and Michael-23.jpg
Paula and Michael-30.jpg
Paula and Michael-39.jpg
Paula and Michael-41.jpg
Paula and Michael-49.jpg
Paula and Michael-67.jpg
Paula and Michael-71.jpg
Paula and Michael-96.jpg
Paula and Michael-78.jpg
Paula and Michael-86.jpg
Paula and Michael-108.jpg
Paula and Michael-117.jpg
Paula and Michael-157.jpg
Paula and Michael-163.jpg
Paula and Michael-168.jpg
Paula and Michael-172.jpg
Paula and Michael-181.jpg
Paula and Michael-187.jpg
Paula and Michael-207.jpg
Paula and Michael-192.jpg
Paula and Michael-194.jpg
Paula and Michael-218.jpg
Paula and Michael-225.jpg
Paula and Michael-233.jpg
Paula and Michael-243.jpg
Paula and Michael-256.jpg
Paula and Michael-258.jpg
Paula and Michael-264.jpg
Paula and Michael-268.jpg
Paula and Michael-271.jpg
Paula and Michael-272.jpg
Paula and Michael-280.jpg
Paula and Michael-298.jpg
Paula and Michael-306.jpg
Paula and Michael-299.jpg
Paula and Michael-342.jpg
Paula and Michael-326.jpg
Paula and Michael-312.jpg
Paula and Michael-330.jpg
Paula and Michael-307.jpg
Paula and Michael-341.jpg
Paula and Michael-353.jpg
Paula and Michael-371.jpg
Paula and Michael-376.jpg
Paula and Michael-401.jpg
Paula and Michael-412.jpg
Paula and Michael-418.jpg
Paula and Michael-423.jpg
Paula and Michael-425.jpg
Paula and Michael-427.jpg
Paula and Michael-429.jpg
Paula and Michael-436.jpg
Paula and Michael-441.jpg
Paula and Michael-449.jpg
Paula and Michael-464.jpg
Paula and Michael-470.jpg
Paula and Michael-481.jpg
Paula and Michael-490.jpg
Paula and Michael-488.jpg
Paula and Michael-491.jpg
Paula and Michael-502.jpg
Paula and Michael-530.jpg
Paula and Michael-527.jpg
Paula and Michael-541.jpg
Paula and Michael-574.jpg
Paula and Michael-592.jpg
Paula and Michael-600.jpg
Paula and Michael-603.jpg
Paula and Michael-608.jpg
Paula and Michael-609.jpg
Paula and Michael-614.jpg
Paula and Michael-619.jpg
Paula and Michael-624.jpg
Paula and Michael-626.jpg
Paula and Michael-630.jpg
Paula and Michael-661.jpg

The Downes Family

This newborn session was taken at the Downes family home in Numbaa, NSW a couple of weeks ago. Despite the lack of sleep that comes with newborns and baby Charlie being a little upset new parents Marty and Megan couldn't have been easier going or more relaxed!

Megan, Marty and Charlie-38.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-37.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-42.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-14.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-53.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-8.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-63.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-65.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-62.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-68.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-69.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-70.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-75.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-78.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-90.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-92.jpg
Megan, Marty and Charlie-103.jpg

Sam and Elise's Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions, especially when the couple I'm shooting are future wedding clients. Engagement shoots are a great chance to get to know the bride and groom before their big day. I shot these photos at Moona Moona Creek in Huskisson because the couple were visiting from Sydney. Aren't we spoilt to have Jervis Bay for a backdrop! 

Sam and Elise-7.jpg
Sam and Elise-13.jpg
Sam and Elise-15.jpg
Sam and Elise-31.jpg
Sam and Elise-32.jpg
Sam and Elise-40.jpg
Sam and Elise-37.jpg
Sam and Elise-44.jpg
Sam and Elise-60.jpg
Sam and Elise-61.jpg
Sam and Elise-70.jpg
Sam and Elise-73.jpg
Sam and Elise-78.jpg
Sam and Elise-82.jpg
Sam and Elise-95.jpg

Paul and Allyson's Wedding

Weddings like Paul and Allyson's are the reason I love my job. The two tied the knot on their property in Tongarra, NSW with their family and friends. You would think hosting a wedding at home would be stressful but this couple made it look easy, the groom was so relaxed he even had a ride on his horse before his bride arrived. I felt honored to be included in a celebration of two families becoming one. Congratulations Paul and Allyson!

Paul and Allyson-2.jpg
Paul and Allyson-7.jpg
Paul and Allyson-75.jpg
Paul and Allyson-51.jpg
Paul and Allyson-62.jpg
Paul and Allyson-60.jpg
Paul and Allyson-38.jpg
Paul and Allyson-84.jpg
Paul and Allyson-96.jpg
Paul and Allyson-103.jpg
Paul and Allyson-110.jpg
Paul and Allyson-106.jpg
Paul and Allyson-114.jpg
Paul and Allyson-125.jpg
Paul and Allyson-129.jpg
Paul and Allyson-118.jpg
Paul and Allyson-138.jpg
Paul and Allyson-137.jpg
Paul and Allyson-144.jpg
Paul and Allyson-145.jpg
Paul and Allyson-169.jpg
Paul and Allyson-142.jpg
Paul and Allyson-152.jpg
Paul and Allyson-157.jpg
Paul and Allyson-164.jpg
Paul and Allyson-161.jpg
Paul and Allyson-165.jpg
Paul and Allyson-177.jpg
Paul and Allyson-180.jpg
Paul and Allyson-184.jpg
Paul and Allyson-188.jpg
Paul and Allyson-193.jpg
Paul and Allyson-215.jpg
Paul and Allyson-208.jpg