Surprise Proposal

I was so disappointed when I found out we were expecting rain for Adam and Cindy's maternity shoot because little did Cindy know Adam and I had been planning to photograph his proposal during their session. There was a break in the rain that allowed just enough time for some quick photos and for Adam to pop the question!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and engagement! 

Cindy and Adam-1.jpg
Cindy and Adam-12.jpg
Cindy and Adam-3.jpg
Cindy and Adam-36.jpg
Cindy and Adam-22.jpg
Cindy and Adam-43.jpg
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Cindy and Adam-117.jpg
Cindy and Adam-119.jpg
Cindy and Adam-123.jpg

Sam and Elise's Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions, especially when the couple I'm shooting are future wedding clients. Engagement shoots are a great chance to get to know the bride and groom before their big day. I shot these photos at Moona Moona Creek in Huskisson because the couple were visiting from Sydney. Aren't we spoilt to have Jervis Bay for a backdrop! 

Sam and Elise-7.jpg
Sam and Elise-13.jpg
Sam and Elise-15.jpg
Sam and Elise-31.jpg
Sam and Elise-32.jpg
Sam and Elise-40.jpg
Sam and Elise-37.jpg
Sam and Elise-44.jpg
Sam and Elise-60.jpg
Sam and Elise-61.jpg
Sam and Elise-70.jpg
Sam and Elise-73.jpg
Sam and Elise-78.jpg
Sam and Elise-82.jpg
Sam and Elise-95.jpg

Jonah and Mila

When Mila emailed me to organise the engagement shoot they never had I jumped at the opportunity to head back to Sydney!

I met Jonah and Mila at the Royal Botanical Gardens on their recent visit to Australia. We wanted to shoot their session at an iconic location because Jonah is Canadian and Mila hadn't been back home in over four years. 

Thanks guys for allowing me to capture this special afternoon with you both.