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The Coulthart Family

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday.

Back in November I had the pleasure of photographing the Coulthart family on their farm in Terrara. The shoot was organised as a surprise Christmas gift! I have been itching to share this shoot with you all because the kids are so adorable and their property was beautiful.

Thank you for letting me experience a snippet of life on farm with you guys! 

Renee - Matt-5.jpg
Renee - Matt-15.jpg
Renee - Matt-27.jpg
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Renee - Matt-38.jpg
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Renee - Matt-109.jpg
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Jett's First Birthday Party

Last weekend I had a very cheeky client, birthday boy Jett! I had such a great time meeting Jett's family and friends who had gathered to celebrate his very first birthday! It was so nice to see the love everyone has for the little man, and it's no wonder because for such a little person he has such a big personality!

Birthday parties are the perfect opportunity to get family photos. It's a good chance to take advantage of having all your loved ones together. 

Sarah East-4.jpg
Sarah East-5.jpg
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Sarah East-43.jpg
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Sarah East-158.jpg
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Sarah East-74.jpg
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Sarah East-117.jpg
Sarah East-11.jpg
Sarah East-123.jpg
Sarah East-127.jpg

Kangaroo Valley Family Session

I am officially in love with Kangaroo Valley! While shooting Tabitha and her lovely family last week I found so many great spots to explore. I am planning to come back with my wife and daughter, so if anyone has any suggestions on where we should eat let us know! 

If you were wondering where you recognise Tabitha from, she is the owner of Luscious Body Beautiful, a beauty salon in Nowra. Thank you for allowing me to meet you guys and join you on an afternoon stroll. 

Tabitha Booth.jpg
Tabitha Booth-3.jpg
Tabitha Booth-69.jpg
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Tabitha Booth-98.jpg
Tabitha Booth-92.jpg
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